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Beauty Haul|May 2014

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

So I did a little shopping, “All good things, all good things” – you can credit that quote from Disney’s Frozen, Mason has been absolutely obsessed with that movie, so it has been playing for what feels like non-stop since we got it for him a couple of weeks ago. But we are here to talk beauty not babies, so continuing on.

In today’s post, I thought I would share some of my recent purchases that I picked out online from Priceline. They are mostly products that I had already seen and been wanting to try out, plus a couple of random oh-that-looks-cool items chucked in for good measure. So needless to say when the package arrived it felt like a mini Christmas.

Note: if you are interested in any of these products for yourself just clink on the product name and it will automatically link you to where you can buy this product.

So Let’s get it into it…

Revlon Photoready Airbrush  Mousse Makeup in 020 Shell 39.7g

I tried this out recently in Target, and thought the concept, texture and consistency of the product to be very intriguing. After using mainly high-end foundations for the past couple of years, I wanted to venture out and see what drug store products were available and I must say that in general I have been really (pleasantly) surprised at the quality and improvements, and for this reason am excited to try out a bunch more. Who can argue with quality that comes at a lower price?

A’Kin by Purist: Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil Certified Organic For Dry, Sensitive & Normal Skin 23ml

First of all let me say this product is AMAZING, after only a couple of applications I can already feel and see a huge improvement in the hydration and texture of my skin. My cheeks especially are feeling so soft that I keep catching myself stroking my face, Weird! I’m definitely really interest in beauty oils and think they have a profound effect on the skin.  I first heard about this beauty oil after reading an article about Mirander Kerrs’ beauty and health secrets which included using Rosehip Oil at night, among other things. It has been one of those items that has been on my wish list for a very long time, but for whatever reason, I never got round to purchasing one.

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur 22ml

The majority of the primers I already own focus more on colour correction and hydration; can you guess what my main skin concerns are? I unfortunately have dry skin that can get a little flaky as well as some redness on my cheeks including a few small areas of dilated capillaries. This has been my skin for as long as I can remember, excluding a small time frame when I first hit puberty where my skin freaked out and was covered in small bumps and was really oily. That being said, since having Rose, my skin has decided to become a teenager again, and due to the extra oil production I have noticed an increase in my pore size in my t-zone area, and that’s where this product comes in. I wanted something to help with pore size and help to give me that airbrushed glowing skin. But then again, don’t we all…

Revlon Photoready Translucent Finisher 7.1g

This is a translucent pressed powder that is designed to give you an airbrushed finish. I have been after a product like this, like many of the products in this little haul, for quite a while. I was drawn to this particular one for two reasons, the first being that it was of the same brand and range as the mousse foundation that I also picked up so the formulations would work well together. And secondly because of the air-brushed finish the product promised. I tend to base all of my foundation choices on what is going to give me the most hydrated smooth finish, so basically air brushed. This powder gives the skin such a beautiful velvety texture that helps to create that airbrushed look (as promised) and makes the skin really touchable, as it absorbs excess oil and helps set the foundation for longwearing coverage.

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm 3.8g in Berry Twist, Haute Pink Twist and Watermelon Twist

I picked up 3 shades from this range and have since gone back to pick up more. I think the jumbo gloss is such a fantastic creation that really is in between a gloss and a lipstick. I remember seeing a bit of hype a while back on YouTube around Revlon’s version of the lip balms, which I did check out at the time but was a little intimidated by the brightness and opaqueness of their glosses. This is actually a positive for their product; it just didn’t suit me at the time. But now that I feel like I am comfortably transitioning into wearing more lipstick colours I feel I will have to revisit Revlon glosses, especially after really liking Covergirl’s Jumbo Gloss balms, which depending on the colour, range from sheer to slightly more opaque and are all buildable in colour. Really, really like these jumbo glosses, they are a clear favourite for me out of this particular haul and definitely a great product that is worth the hype no matter the brand.

Kate by Kate Moss Perfume 50ml

The packaging of this perfume is quite simple, yet feminine which I like. I usually like to pick my perfume by the fragrance not just the bottle and packaging; however it is a happy coincidence when the two match up. Honestly I bought this one because Priceline was having a sale on fragrances and I needed something small to push the price up to qualify for free shipping. As this was an online purchase and I hadn’t tested the fragrance before I read up on what the key ingredients were, which sounded right up my alley, it boasted a floral musk infused scent that leans towards a smokey rose with a vintage English feel. I tend to go for more floral scents, my favourites being Ralph Lauren Romance and Issey Miyake L’eau D Issey. All in all I was quite happy with this scent, it is more of a mature scent, probably the musk, but I am still finding myself reaching for it on a regular basis.

Maybelline Baby Lips Colour (SPF20) 4.5g in Rose Addict

What a great idea, having a product that offers both colour and hydration. The colour is quite sheer, which is what you would expect from a lip balm especially when said lip balm is offering you benefits that help your lips look and feel more hydrated as well as an SPF. I picked this out for an everyday balm as well as to use as a base underneath matte lipsticks to help give my lips added moisture and counteract any drying affects from other lip products. Being called Rose Addict, I was anticipating the product to have a really nice floral scent which I am pleased to say it does. It is definitely helping keep my lips moist throughout the day and is currently living in my handbag.

Covergirl Lip Perfection 3.5g in Darling

Here we have another Covergirl product, this time a lipstick. As I am in the process of trying to expand my everyday makeup routine to include more adventurous looks and to step outside my comfort zone, this I credit to a saying I read recently that I am trying to incorporate into all aspects of my life which is that “life begins when we step outside our comfort zone”. My comfort zone does not include wearing colour on my lips, I think it looks absolutely stunning when done right; I just tend to shy away from bold colours as I am a little self-conscious as to how they will wear throughout the day. I’ve seen women walking around sporting a faded lip with just the liner remaining and I think it looks really tacky and unkempt. I’m actually working on a post about how to incorporate lips into your makeup look and how to begin building a lip colour collection, when it is up click the link Bare to Bold to check it out. The colour Darling is a really natural dusty rose pink, it is the colour I’m drawn to the most, the same way I am drawn to neutrals in my everyday style I tend to stick to neutrals for my everyday makeup look, really I just wanted to test out the formula.

And that’s it for my little haul, whoever dawned upon shopping as a therapy (retail therapy) is a genius. Just a couple of little girly products added into my life really does help to cheer a girl up, even if you don’t really need cheering up its still fun to do a little damage to the wallet, and even more fun to play with the new goodies when they arrive…

Blossom xo

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