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Mason’s Party | Star Wars Themed Party

Masons Party header

My little man has turned two, and like all mothers say “he is growing up so fast” is such a true statement. Over the weekend we had his party, just a home party that I decided to theme out. I got lots of inspiration from Pinterest and altered it to suit our little family. Recently I found out that my son has an anaphylactic allergic reaction to tree nuts, which of course I found out a mere two weeks before his party, turning most of my food ideas on their head. It was actually really difficult trying to put together a nut free party, especially as I am new to the whole concept, on such short noticed. But with carefully consideration and a lot of research and family advice I managed just fine.

The Party Food
I made little signs to accompany the party food myself using an online editor Pixlr, which was quite time consuming but I thought it really gave the party food a cool Star Wars edge.
The food and drinks we had at the party were as follows…

Lightsabers: green and red grapes thread onto wooden skewers
Asteroids: good old chocolate crackles
Wookie Cookies: sugar cookies (homemade of course) I used Star Wars cookie cutters for these.
Princess ‘Lays’ Chips: don’t tell anyone but they were actually Smiths, not Lays plain chips.
Ewok Treats: mixed bag of lollies
Carbonite Jelly: bright blue jelly cups, with a decorative large jar of jelly with a figurine inside.
We also had red velvet cupcakes that had a signs saying “come to the dark side we have cupcakes”
The drinks were Wookie Water (bottled water), Jedi juice (juice boxes) and Yoda Soda which was green soda that I put in my glass jar drink dispenser and made Yoda ears cups to go with it!

I should probably point out that there was quite a bit of prep work that went into this party, there were times me and my partner looked at each other and sighed, commenting on how we must really love our son to go through all of this work for a party he probably won’t remember (although we have photos for proof). If you are thinking of doing this or any other themed party I advise you to give yourself plenty of prep-time to order online and to make everything.

star wars party Collage

For his birthday cake I purchased a printable sheet of icing that had a star wars picture on top and a happy birthday message, which I placed on top of a nut free pre-made cake mix cake.

Lunch was a simple BBQ with sausage sandwiches and salad, there are cooler options like “Hans Burgers” for instance, but I wanted to keep things simple and stress free as we were catering for quite a few people; Kids, close friends and family who all came to celebrate.

The Party Games
Find your lightsaber: bubbles hidden in the backyard for the kids to find, we had them wear Star Wars masks to find them (which was quite funny because they could only see out of one eye).
Egg and Spoon race: I decorated eggs with white paint and drew storm trooper faces on them to keep with the theme.
Star Wars battles: I found inflatable lightsabers which we gave to the kids, there was a plank of wood slightly raised of the ground, the objective was to knock your opponent off or force them completely back to their starting point at one end. This was so funny to watch, I even had a go in versing one of the older kids.
Pass the parcel: a kid’s birthday party staple.
Pin the lightsaber on the Yoda: a Star Wars take on pin the tail on the donkey.
Destroy the death star: this was a death star piñata.

party games Collage

I did consult my partner on some of the Star Wars references as he is the stars wars fan in the family, and also where Mason developed his own interest in star wars from. Some days I feel a little like Penny from The Big Bang Theory, particularly from one of the latest episodes. For someone who has very little interest in Star Wars, knows way too much about it. I even sported a modern and modest version of Princess Leia’s Buns, something I never thought I would do; it was a last minute decision. Mason however, the little cutie, who is on the verge on saying full sentences knows all the main characters names but butchers them with his two year old speech. So we have “Yoga” for Yoda “Vadee” and “Stormee are Darth Vadar and the Storm Troopers, “wookie” is Chew Bacca which is kind of right. There is also “See-Pee” as C-3PO and R2D2 he can actually pronounce, Yoga of course is his favourite.

The party was a success and all the kids had a blast. It was so great to see Mason especially really enjoying himself, so much so that after the party was over he completely conked out for the night. He loved the egg and spoon race the most, got stuck on that one for a while, out of all the games go figure. I also found out, just after the party, one night when my partner was commenting on how all the Star Wars movies have been released one week after George Lucas’ birthday which is mid-May. I googled for the exact date and low and be hold it is the same date as Masons, May 14th. I thought it was quite fitting for such a young Star Wars fan to have the same birthdate as its creator, what a cool coincidence.

*Note all ingredients were checked and double checked to insure everything was nut free; I was lucky enough to be able to source down nut free items such as nut free cake mix, and cocoa powder. Also found out that the natural confectionary company is really great for kids with nut allergies.

Blossom xo

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