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Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced | Review and Swatches

Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced | Review and Swatches

Chocolate Bar Palette - Front

I was really excited to try this product and have seen a bit of hype and excitement around the internet especially over the chocolate scent of this palette. Living in Australia and having an interest (or obsession) in beauty isn’t necessarily the best combination. It wasn’t until I discovered the world of YouTube that I realised the variety and quality of makeup that was available (not so much available in Australia though), any of the items that I can get my hands on here are generally very overpriced. Then to top things off not only do I live in Australia but, Canberra (the capital) of all places where we are so behind from Australia let alone the rest of the world. Basically a long way of telling you that I purchased this palette online (from, having not seen this palette in person I didn’t entirely realise that some shades in the palette had sparkles (shades: Black Forrest Truffle, Candied Violet, and Cherry Cordial) that being said when applied to the eyelid they are very subtle, Cherry Cordial actually being my favourite shade from this palette when applied with a brush. I also love love love Marizpan a beautiful pink champagne colour, and very highly pigmented.

Chocolate Bar Palette - Opened Close Up 2

The chocolate bar palette is aptly named for its chocolate aroma and appearance. The packaging is designed to look like an unpackaged chocolate bar, it is made of metal with a magnetic closure and overall seems durable and of good quality. There are 16 shades within the palette which Too Faced describes as a mix of ‘natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums’ in both matte and shimmer. There is 0.95 grams (0.03oz) of product per the 14 smaller shadows and 2.6 grams (0.10oz) of product for the two larger highlight shades. The shadows are said to be infused with anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder.

This palette is suited to most skin types and especially for those who prefer neutral eye looks that can be adapted for either day or night time looks, depending on shade selection and application. It is certainly aimed at chocolate lovers and those who enjoy fragranced makeup, however because the scent is naturally derived from the cocoa powder is still suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Chocolate Bar How To Collage

The Good

I love that this product has antioxidant rich properties and uses cocoa powder as a base which is a more natural ingredient and has benefits for your skin. I also really love how they include a how to glam guide, offering three looks as examples of what you can achieve with this palette. The quality of this palette is great as is the staying power of the shadows especially when used in conjunction with a primer. The colour payoff is good for most shades with exceptions to some, and the colour selection is really thought out as can be seen with the highlight shades that would be used more frequently having more product. This palette, however only advertised as matte and shimmer, definitely includes a range of finishes which makes it easy to adapt the palette for day and night time looks giving the palette more versatility. The consistency satin finish shades is fantastic, really smooth and creamy and glides on the skin like butter.

The Not So Good

The main downfall for this product for me was the inconsistency in texture from the shades, however they all perform really well when applied with a makeup brush but when swatched some of the shades that included glitter had a slightly gritty texture, and some of the lighter shades tended to be more on the chalky side. Also not really a major issue, but it would be nice if they incorporated the names of the shades on to the packaging in a more permanent way somehow instead of just on the plastic proactive layer that most people will throw out.

Chocolate Bar Swatches

Overall I really love this palette and the colour selection is fantastic I am really looking forward to getting a lot of use of out this one and creating multiple looks from it.

The Chocolate Bar Palette retails for $49 US Dollars, and unfortunately doesn’t ship internationally. If you are in the US or Canada you can check out Too Faced’s website for more information and reviews.

Being an Aussie I purchased mine through Beauty Bay, who offer free worldwide shipping, for $61.20 AUD, so if you live outside of the US and Canada and want to check out more information or are interested in getting the product for yourself check the link below.

Blossom xo


    • Thanks Hun, yea I’m eager to try the Semi Sweet Palette too. Highly recommend the original though, definitely give it a go, it’s the palette I’ve been reaching for the most. Xx

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