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Pregnancy Update 23 Weeks | Mason + Rose

Ultrasound thumbnail edited

I hesitate to write this post as there tends to be a lot judgement and pressure surrounding mothers to be to have perfect little round bellies. I am not one of those mothers to be, having two previous emergency C-sections, my tummy is a little worse for wear. However counter to that worry is the fact that I am having my third baby and am so very excited about it, to the point of being completely impatient awaiting his (yes we are having a baby boy!)arrival.

Belly Picture

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, so according to my pregnancy app (which I highly recommend, especially to first time mums) tells me that baby weighs a little over 500grams and measures around 29cm from crown to rump. We had our 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago and everything is going really well with bubs development. I am definitely feeling baby kicking, although compared to my last two pregnancies, this one seems to be a little more on the chill side, hopefully a trait that transfers to his personality after birth, he’ll need it with two older and very active siblings.

As far as my wellbeing goes with this pregnancy, I am definitely finding it more difficult. After having really bad morning sickness for the first 4 months, where I couldn’t function as a normal human being and found myself bound to the bed (and couch) for most of the time (very difficult when you have two running around the house already). Because I was so thrown off from being sick and having extreme food aversions I’ve found it really difficult to get back into my normal healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Right before I got pregnant (unexpectedly) I was at the fittest I had been since having my first and the lightest too, but have found that not being able to exercise have lost most of my muscle tone and am feeling a little on the frumpy side (sigh!) also having two previous emergency C-sections my doctor has told me as of the third trimester, which is only 4 weeks away, I will be on bed rest. Goodbye figure! I am much more careful with what I do during this pregnancy, mainly due to what I feel is scare tactics or over precautious doctors, so anytime I feel unwell I’m scared my uterus is going to erupt, uterine rupture being the main risk when having pregnancies in close succession where there were two previous C-sections. On top of all of this I also have really low blood pressure (all of this is why I believe this to be my hardest pregnancy) which makes it difficult to get anything done, as when I exert myself even just slightly I get woozy and lightheaded, which if I don’t sit down, tend to pass out! I was really wanting to exercise again during this pregnancy as I did my last, I found it eased a lot of my pregnancy discomforts, not to mention it made labour and post C-section recovery a lot easier in comparison to my son where I didn’t exercise at all. However aside from a few lunges here and there, and the occasional 10 minute prenatal yoga, I’m feeling pretty stationary and unfit, this being my biggest discomfort at the moment.

As far as weight gain goes, due to not being able to exercise I am avoiding the scales a little bit and only weighing myself once every month, as of 20 weeks I was within a normal range having gained 4.5kgs.

Navy Winter Coat - Edited

The best thing about this pregnancy so far is how my son Mason, who is three in May is responding (Rose who is only 14months is totally unaware). Mason has been so loving towards baby, it really warms your heart, he comes and checks the baby telling me just so ‘mum, I check your baby’ and gives my belly kisses and talks to baby, its adorable! It can also be really funny when he comes out with things like  (coming up to me with bobby pins he’d found from my draw) telling me ‘Mum, I just get the baby out now’ using the bobby pins on my belly button? (Because apparently that’s where he can see baby) Not sure where he got that from or the idea that ‘baby will pop’ to come out.

Rose's Room Collage - Edited

Now it’s just a waiting game, I’m trying to be as patient as I can waiting for bub, but I’ve found myself nesting a little earlier knowing I’ll not be able to do much in my third trimester. The rooms are getting rearranged and decorated to accommodate the new addition; having only a three bedroom house the boys will be sharing a room. I’ve unpacked the clothes we kept from Mason and bought a few new things for baby too, my favourite being a beautiful navy warm winter coat from Target (the due date is June 30th, which in Australia will be very chilly). So now I’ve got only 17 weeks to go which feel like they’re going to pass by incredibly slowly, even with two other little ones to keep me occupied.

Blossom xo

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