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Target Haul

Target Haul Main Picture

I really love Target, even my little local Target has enough variety for me to whittle away hours browsing the isles, and the only problem with Target is that it’s very hard to come out of there with nothing. Needless to say I have a few items that I’m excited to share with you.

Target Haul Collage - Rose

I usually high-tail it straight to the kids section (followed closely by home wares) and spotted some really adorable kids clothes. The stores are slowly transitioning merchandise to suit the changing seasons which is excited as autumn and winter are my favourite seasons in the year. I absolutely love stocking the kids up in early anticipation for the season change, especially now that it is officially autumn.

Target Haul Collage - Mason

I’ve been in need of a new note book for a while now, and found this beautiful grey faux leather folder with a matching pencil case and was won over. My thought process was once the notepad insert was used up (I love taking notes and writing out lists, so tend to go through notebooks quickly) I can slip out the pad and replace it with an inexpensive one. I love that the folder is really sturdy which makes it easier to write on as opposed to a flimsy notebook where you’d have to rest it on a hard surface.

Targe Haul Collage 1

I also picked up a beautiful pair of nude pointed toe flats that have a rose gold tip. They are an absolutely stunning pair of shoes however I think they might be a little on the small side. I used to buy shoes from target all the time; however the last couple of times I seem to always get the size wrong. I opted for a size 6 this time (previous pair I bought was 7 and too big, even with gel inserts) but unfortunately I think I am in-between sizes. I am hoping I might be able to stretch them out a little and or wear them in.

The other two items I purchased were three frames, which I needed for a little DIY wall art project I’m making for above my dresser. I got a plain white, black and ash wood frame in different sizes; the plan is to have a bit of a picture frame collage on the wall. I also picked up a little step for my son, to help with toilet training (he so wants to use the toilet all by himself but needs assistance getting up and down) so hopefully this will help.


 Blossom xo


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