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Maternity Outfit of the Day

Title maternity ootd

Pregnancy can be a really challenging time in your life, however what makes things a little harder is waking up feeling frumpy from you’re not so glamorous or symmetrically round bump, and having to dress that unsymmetrical bump. I love fashion, but find maternity clothes so limiting, there are some great sites out there with more stylish pieces, ASOS being one of the best, however maternity clothes rarely fit me right and I end up looking worse than I intended. So this is a little example of how I like to style or even just dress my bump…

Maternity Outfit of the day2

What I’m wearing…

Outerwear: Cotton On below the knee length black and white Aztec print batwing cardigan

Top: Dotti basics white t-shirt (not maternity fit either)

Bottoms: Big W Over the bump leggings (these are the most comfortable and flattering pair I have found, highly recommend them, super affordable too)

Shoes: Target Maroon flats

Accessories: Lovisa Geometric Bangle and cowhide skull necklace

Blossom xo




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