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Chamomile and Lavender Milk Bath Recipe

Chamomile and lavender mith bath recipe title.jpg

I am a regular bath goer, especially during pregnancy, and love to include regular baths in my beauty routine (which you can read about here). Bathing is known for its relaxing benefits to both the mind and body, but the ingredients can be really beneficial too, depending of course what’s added (bubbles are just for fun people).

A good bath in my opinion should include; your favourite bath additive wether that be a bath bomb (lush have a great selection) or a milk bath mixture like the one I am showing you today, as well as some relaxing music, (it doesn’t have to be spa music or forest and bird sounds, I personally love to listen to Angus and Julia Stone). Some candles to add to the aroma and ambience and help create soft lighting for added relaxation.

This is my favourite bath recipe that I have tweaked overtime to suit my skins needs. This bath can be used by any skin type but is especially suited for those with sensitive prone skins and eczema skins. Its benefits include; detoxification, exfoliation, moisturising, soothes irritation, softens skin, calming, and aids muscle aches and pains.


So what’s in it…

2 cups of milk powder

1 cup of oat powder

½ cup corn starch

2 table spoons dried chamomile tea or x amount of bags

¼ cup baking soda

¼ cup of Epsom salts

2 teaspoons lavender essential oil.

milk bath recipe Collage.jpg

How to make it…

Very basic instructions here, it’s a really easy and fool proof recipe.

  • Prep the tea bags, by removing their contents from the bags, then combine with dry ingredients except oats in a mixing bowl.

milk bath mixture close up.jpg

  • Add lavender to the dry mixture.
  • Place oats in a blender and blend on high for 1-2 minutes, or until you have a flour like consistency.


oats Collage.jpg

  • Add mixture from the blender with the remaining ingredients into a large glass jar or container of your choosing. (Just make sure it has an air tight lid or closure).
  • And you are done, use at leisure. I opt for a weekly bath using a ¼ of a cup per bath.
  • (Mixture will keep for 12 months)

milk bath jar picture


Blossom xoEnjoy! Hopefully you will give this recipe a try…




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