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My Top Five Mac Lipsticks

My Top Five MAC Lipsticks Cover Photo.jpg

I don’t have a huge lipstick collection, probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am a compulsive declutter-er so am constantly throwing away things, a habit that is really counterintuitive when it comes to building a makeup collection. However on the plus side, the makeup I do own is well loved and used and works perfectly for my needs and taste. That being said I find I will hold on to MAC items a little longer than others, they have a great reputation as far as quality and wear, not to mention their massive colour selection and semi-cult following.

Lipstick colours shown in order of appearance are; Snob, Coral Bliss, Full Fuchsia, Russian Red and Diva.

My Top Five MAC Lipsticks - Collage.jpg


Here are my favourites out of my collection, these are the ones that I tend to wear the most, or constantly find stashed in my handbag for when I’m on the go.

Top Five MAC Lipsticks - Lipstick Closeup All.jpg


An obvious autumn winter colour that I love to wear in the cooler months. It has more of a brown undertone and is described as a ‘Reddish Burgundy’. Great for a dramatic dark lip, especially if you’re not game enough to wear purples or lipsticks with a strong purple undertone (which I am not quite there yet!).

MAC Diva.jpg

Russian Red

Everyone needs a bright red lipstick in their collection; I love how bold Russian Red is and find it suits my skin tone really well because of its blue undertone. I originally bought this one back in my dancing days but avoided it like the plague once I gave up dancing. I fell back in love with it when I started experimenting around more with my makeup and trying out different looks.

Russian Red MAC 1

Full Fuchsia

I got my hands on this one, after seeing a flood of looks done with a bold black winged liner and a bright pink lip (which I still think looks stunning). This is definitely my go to look and lipstick of choice when I go out, either for drinks with the girls (obviously when I’m not pregnant!),for dinner, and on dates with my beloved.

full fuschia Collage.jpg

Coral Bliss

A great summer and spring colour that is really easy to wear, the formula is very moisturising and forgiving when it comes to on the go application. It is usually the colour I find stashed in my handbag the most, I love that you can apply this one with little skill, so makes it easy to touch up when out and after eating.

Coral Bliss collage.jpg


Snob tends to suit my skin colour a little better when I have a tan, it is a really great light neutral pink that is again really easy to wear and apply.

MAC Snob.jpg

And just for good measure, here are the colour swatches of all five lipsticks. I thought I would include these swatches as the colour Full Fuchsia shows up more true to colour, which is a bright vivid pink.

My Top Five Mac Lipsticks - Swatches.jpg



Blossom xo



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