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Motivational Quote of the Day

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Just a little quote I came across that really resonated with me which I thought I would share, that by chance it might inspire you as it has me.

Life can get a little mundane and repetitive at times; especially as a stay at home mum this statement couldn’t be truer. For me a habitual mental process seems to occur every night at bedtime before I fall asleep (picture SJP in the movie I Don’t Know How She Does It) which goes something like this;

Kids are in bed and are warm enough, dishwasher has been turned on, lights and appliances have been switched off, doors locked, prenatal vitamins taken (I take mine at night). Everything done for the day!

And in the morning the internal monologue usually consists of;

5.45am is too early for the alarm to be going off, wow am I tired! Coffee (decaf of course, relying on the placebo effect, which if I’m tired enough I might actually believe there is caffeine in my cup!) what’s for breakfast, change nappies.

Then I chill out with the kids while I wake up, usually takes a good hour or so before I can get myself going on the rest of my morning routine.

So with a little context to my situation it’s probably easy to see why this quote was so inspiring to me. There’s a common complaint shared among stay at home mums and working mums alike that being a parent can feel a little monotonous at times with all the routines, nappies and tears to deal with, it is so easy to get yourself into a rut and forget to care for yourself. Pride in appearance is one of the first to go, then hobbies, friendships etc. you get the picture! But what I failed to realise was that motivation and inspiration and setting goals (that your day might aspire to more than just what is required of you), can also easily be lost in the day to day chaos of being a mum.

What I took from this quote was to remind myself on a daily basis not to lose myself completely to my role as ‘Mum’, but to remember to have goals and dreams and put in place actions during the day to accomplish them. Any step forward, no matter the size, is another step closer to achieving what you desire.

I always find it interesting how a couple of words when strung together in the right way, and read at the right time can do so much good for a person and their psyche. I hope you can take away something from this quote as I have, even if it’s in its smallest form of motivation.

Blossom xo

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