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Pregnancy Update 27 Weeks

27 Weeks Pregnancy Update.jpg

So I’ve hit my third trimester and thought it was about time for another update on how my pregnancy was progressing! Still pregnant! A relief of course, I still find it funny how the feeling that something might happen to your precious little bundle growing in your belly is still present, (you think that would subside sometime after 12 weeks when your pregnancy is least likely to fail). Maybe it has something to do with this pregnancy following closely after two previous emergency C-sections making it a risky pregnancy.

It could also have a lot to do with my little fall I had last week, last week being week 26, (wet tiles + unbalanced pregnant woman = bad combination) baby is absolutely fine, I was lucky to have fallen backwards so nothing came in contact with my belly, my elbow and foot were not so luckily spared. Just to give you a mental picture, the kids were in the bath being watched by my partner, I was relaxing on the couch (having had a bad day as far as pain around my scar incision, and trying to take it easy). I get called up to help out as Mason had not only peed in the bath but managed to pee all over Roses’ back. By the time I waddled up there Rose was in the shower, Mason still happily playing in his pee bath waiting to be picked up and put in the shower as well when (dun dun dun…) I slipped over. I cried, more out of shock than pain, which made my son cry (which all aside was really sweet). My partner, not being the best at any form of multitasking, didn’t know who to help first. This resulted in a naked Rose running around the house, a crying Mason still soaking in a pee bath, and a crying pregnant woman who just so happened to wedge her foot in the door frame, and in pain was unable to get up, suffice to say, it was not a pretty sight.

Neil (my partner) managed to deal with all of us in the end, and I spent the next week unable to walk and nursing a few bruises. I’ve always heard that you can become more off balanced during pregnancy, but having experienced a fall first hand really understand just how unbalanced you can be (wet tiles didn’t help). My feet literally just slipped out from underneath me, there wasn’t any time for me to even try and steady myself or break my fall, however note lesson has been learnt! We are now more vigilant about always having a bath mat down.

A Month since my last pregnancy update and my pregnancy hasn’t changed much else aside from a slightly bigger belly and some increased pregnancy discomforts, mainly pain around my C-section scar which gets very tender and any sharp pain I get has me paranoid that something has gone wrong. I am so keen for this pregnancy to be over, not because of any pain or discomforts, but just so that I can stop stressing about baby, once I know baby is delivered, safe and healthy things will be much more calm in this house (for me anyways).

At 27 weeks apparently my baby is around 36cm in length and weighs the same as a cabbage (an accurate and medical measurement of weight) this is over 660g which was the average weight of baby at 26 weeks. I have also hit under 100 days to go till due date (not that anyone is counting) which even though still far away, feels like a milestone. Kicks are getting stronger every week, making it more real that there is a little person growing in there. Baby is growing, developing just as he should and as far as I have been informed is still a nice and healthy bub.

As far as how I’m fairing, I think tired, sore and extremely hungry could sum things up pretty nicely. I had my 26 week Gestational Glucose Testing appointment with pathology, which here in Australia has recently had a change in procedure; Instead of a 1 hour appointment they have changed it to a 2.5 hour appointment with additional blood tests. Of course my appointment fell on the week I happened to be injured, so getting to and from the appointment proved to be a massive hassle (did I mention this was a test that required fasting. Hungry pregnant woman being poked and prodded does not make for a happy recipient) my results came back all good, nothing of interest to report.

I have notice some similarities between this pregnancy and my first (both boy babies), I seem to have a harder time, and a larger than normal, even for pregnancy standards, appetite. I am currently eating breakfast (porridge, apple, decaf coffee) followed not long after by second breakfast (toast, piece of fruit, tea), than early lunch (Left overs or sandwich, yoghurt and a tea or coffee). Afternoon tea is, at my best efforts to avoid shoving even more food into my mouth, delayed till after three (coffee, some kind of sweets, and or rice crackers) than an early dinner (which might involve a larger than average helping). I am getting concerned for my post baby body, but am also really really hungry which when in the moment of pure hunger usually opt for the extra mouthful than any thoughts of me ever wearing swimmers and going to a beach ever again! The pressures put on women to embody an unrealistic pregnancy figure that is all baby and no weight gain, can for the average person (me definitely included) a huge stress that if fed upon can hinder an otherwise healthy pregnancy. These pressures do nothing but make you feel bad about yourself, and be aware it happens in reverse to, cause apparently when you are pregnant and hormonal is a great time to judge someone on the size of their bump (wether that opinion be that your belly is too big or too small).

So here seems an appropriate point to mention my weight gain: 8.5kg (still within a normal range, however am fighting the urge to feel down about the numbers going up on the scale).

And the belly picture (I’m terrible at selfies still, so no judging…)

Pregnancy Update 27 Weeks - Bump.jpg

Blossom xo

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