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My Everyday Makeup

My Everyday Makeup - Cover Picture.jpg
This is my go to everyday makeup look that is quick, easy and suitable for those of us with little ones to take care of and for anyone with a hectic and busy lifestyle (so basically anyone who is time poor).

On a rare occasion I’ll wake up to beautifully, and unexplainably, well behaved children who are satisfied to be left to their own devices and seemingly appear to be independent (with the assistance of Disney of course). These are the mornings where I’ll take my time with my makeup, have a bit of a play around with products and try out new or different looks. However most mornings that simply isn’t the case, I’m usually multitasking between feeding and clothing my children, doing housework and getting myself ready for the day, which is why I have an everyday makeup routine.

makeup tools.jpg

I usually tend towards this particular look for several reasons, those being, ease of application, I think this look suits me and my ideals towards beauty, there isn’t a huge amount of products involved, it transfers from day to night really easily, I don’t have to think about what I’m doing (I swear half of the makeup on my face is there solely due to muscle memory rather than conscious effort), and it includes reliable products that are tried and tested and are kept out on display on my dresser.

This routine take me personally 8 minutes, I do fluff about at times and get a little distracted with the kids, but because the routine in ingrained in my mind, I can allow for a little distraction. I wouldn’t consider this a full face of makeup, but it also isn’t minimalistic, I would however call it a naturally enhanced makeup (it is what make me feel confident and most comfortable as far as makeup goes).

My Everyday Makeup - Before & After.jpg

Base Makeup

Note; before applying my base I have cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin. If you are interested in my skin care routine click here. I have also applied a “primer” I use quotations as the product I am using is not an actual primer (I have yet to find a primer that doesn’t irritate, clog or dry out my skin). So instead I find prepping skin with proper skin care then right before makeup application using either a moisturiser or in my case aloe-vera gel gives the skin suppleness allowing the foundation to apply and adhere giving a more flawless finish.

  1. Using a beauty sponge such as the beauty blender (I’m currently trialling several different types) and my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20 apply foundation in a stippling motion for a natural and skin like finish.
  2. Using a stiff small face brush and a cream contour I’m using Maybelline Colour Tattoo in tough as taupe, (this is actually a cream eye shadow but works perfect as a contour colour as it has a grey undertone and works best for lighter skin tones), to create a shadow along my cheek contour using back and forth motions and small circular motions, starting at the ear and working my way towards the corners of my mouth. Majority of the colour is deposited closer to the ear and is blended away to nothing the closer the line comes in towards the mouth.
  3. Using my Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder in Sierra the brush that comes with it for this step, designed to give warmth to the face and help blend any distinct contour lines, I lightly blend over the contour line again using back and for the motions and small circular motions extending slightly upwards towards the temple. This step also helps to set the contour.
  4. For blush, using the colour Incandescent Electra from Hourglasses’ Ambient Lighting Blush Palette and a small tapered blush brush, apply blush from the apples of my cheek up towards the high points of my cheek using light circular motions.
  5. And lastly for a subtle highlight, using the highlight colour from my Chocolate Bar Palette Champagne Truffle, and my ring finger apply a very light amount of products to the highpoints of my cheek.

My Everyday Makeup - Base Makeup Steps.jpg
Eye and Brow Makeup

  1. Starting with my brows, I Start by priming my eyelid, using my ring finger and apply MAC Paint Pot in Painterly to the entire eyelid including inner corner of my eye where I have some darker pigmentation and prep my eye for eye shadow.
  2. Using a large fluffy brush and a light brown as a transition colour from the Chocolate Bar Palette in colour Milk Chocolate , apply colour to the crease of the eye using windscreen wiper motions to completely blend out the colour.
  3. Taking the colour Semi Sweet, also from Chocolate Bar Palette, and a slightly smaller fluffy brush, deepen the crease colour by applying shadow in the centre of crease again blending out with windscreen wiper motions.
  4. This step is specific for those with uneven eye lids of slightly hooded lids and can be skipped if this does not apply to you. Applying the colour Triple Fudge from the Chocolate Bar Palette just above my natural crease line to slightly deepen up the crease and give the illusion of a higher crease and wider eyes. Using a small pencil brush to apply colour and blending the colour only until sharp lines are no longer visible.
  5. Using a medium angled blending brush I then apply the colour Milk Chocolate again to the crease, to further blend out the crease colour.
  6. Using the colour Cherry Cordial from the Chocolate Bar Palette and a medium fluffy brush I apply colour to the outer v of my eyelid. This step helps to elongate the eye and create the illusion of wider set eyes then I currently have.
  7. Using my finger tip and colour Hazelnut from the Chocolate Bar Palette, I lightly apply colour to the inner third of the eyelid.
  8. Then using Rimmel’s Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl eye liner pencil in Black (note at this step you could opt for a winged liner, however it takes me too long and for an everyday look I prefer a smoked out eyeliner look) roughly line the outer 2 thirds of my eye.
  9. To set eye liner and deepen the colour, I use blackout from Urban Decay 2 Palette to smoke out the eyeliner slightly.
  10. I then Curl and apply mascara to my lashes using Maybelline’s The Colossal Volume Express in black.
  11. Using a small eyelid brush, I apply the highlight colour from the Chocolate Bar Palette colour to the inner corners of my eye.
  12. To add dimension to the eye, using a pencil brush and the colour Cherry Cordial again, apply to the bottom outer two thirds of the lash line.
  13. Using a flat eye shadow brush and a small amount of Blackout apply to just the outer third of the bottom lash line to deepen the colour.
  14. Then I apply mascara to the bottom lash line as well.
  15. For Brows I Firstly lightly outline and fill in my brows with a brow pencil I’m using the colour Natural Brown by Savvy.
  16. Then last step is to set brows in place using a brow gel, my favourite is by Tint My Brow by Australis in Light Brown. And then you’re done!

my Everyday Makeup - Eye Makeup Steps.jpg

It may read like a lot of steps, however they are all really quick, and as with any make up look can be tailored to your own style and preferences. I personally have uneven eyelid creases which I like to even out by altering where and how I place my crease colour. I also like to make my eyes appear wider, more elongated and further apart than they actually are.

Chocolate Bar Palette - closeup names.jpg My Everyday Makeup - Urban Decay Palette blackout.jpg

Hope you like this look!

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