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Baking and Accessories Haul

Baking and Accessories Haul - Cover Picture.jpg
I recently got my hands on an electric mix master as a gift for my birthday that was not too long ago. I had wanted one of these bad boys for a while but always put off buying one, reasoning with myself that I don’t bake enough, or that I won’t use it and it will just sit there and collect dust. Turns out I was wrong, very wrong! I absolutely love using my mix master and find that I am baking more now than ever.

Baking and Accessories Haul - Mix Master Collage.jpg

I really love the idea of making my food from scratch, the appeal stems from not only an idealistic and nostalgic view of a simpler life but also hugely because of my son’s allergies and my interest in healthy living. Making food from scratch allows me to not only control, but also know exactly what goes into the food and henceforth into the little (and slightly larger) tummies of my family. Since acquiring my mix master I have found it easier and quicker than ever to make and bake treats and the likes for my family. I’ve even discovered that I quite enjoy baking and most of my recipes are turning out these days. Goodbye boxed cake mixes! Plus it makes for a more satisfying afternoon tea when I’ve got freshly baked treats to tide me and the kids over til dinner and of course to be enjoyed with some tea.

Baking and Accessories Haul - Teacup and Canister Collage.jpg

So long story short, and where the haul part comes in! I was flicking through the junk mail and spotted Aldi had a special buys on this week that included a lot of bake ware and accessories, and one of the many baking related items they had advertised was a retro scale that came in several colour options for only $14.99, (which considering that every other time I have looked around for a retro scale they are usually in the price range of $100 plus). Having recently been inspired by my mix master to get into baking more, I got excited by all the beautiful things Aldi had on offer for really great prices. (after visiting Aldi I was even questioning why I don’t shop there more often, they’re prices are incredible).

large bowl.jpg

So needless to say I bought one, and stocked up on some other coveted baking items that I don’t have whilst down there. I even lined up just before the store doors opened, which I didn’t know whether to laugh at myself or be slightly embarrassed that I had become one of ‘those’ people. Either way I was happy that I went down, I managed to score a bunch of bake ware and accessories and the best thing was it only cost me a total of just over $50, a total bargain that makes for one satisfied little bargain shopper!

So here’s what I picked up…

Baking and Accessories Haul - Collage.jpg
baking beads.jpg
cooling racks.jpg
haul picture.jpg
IMG_3682 edited.jpg
pie dish and baking beads.jpg

The Docket

Baking Accessories Steel (Measuring Cups and Spoons)$4.99
Traditional Kitchen Scale $14.99
Cooling Rack Set $7.99
Ceramic Pie Baking Set $9.99
Mixing Bowl Stoneware (Large) $7.99
Mixing Bowl Stoneware (Set Small) $7.99

upclose scales.jpg

I have a few little kitchen renovations/projects I have in mind (unfortunately for my partner, who will most likely be completing these projects). I plan to replace the splash back, and fix up a few things in the kitchen that where never addressed in the first place, like replacing mismatched coloured cupboard doors, and painting the skirting board. I feel that these couple of little items I’ve purchased will help enhance the look I’m going for in my kitchen, that style being a modern country look.

Blossom xo

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