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Zoeva Brush Review

Zoeva Brush Review - Feature Image
A combination of birthday money, lack of quality make brushes and convincing reviews lead me to the purchase of my newly loved and adored Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set. Even with my somewhat minimalistic approach to makeup and material pleasures in general, favouring fewer items but of higher quality, purchased with a predetermined purpose in mind, you can’t deny that one can never have too many brushes, and these particular brushes appeal to me both aesthetically and on a level of quality. Did I mention they were also an affordable luxury?

I’ll admit that the majority of makeup brushes I own are of shockingly bad quality, please take my advice and don’t buy imitation MAC brushes off of eBay (I was much younger and far less informed when I made that purchase) they are terrible, however for some reason or other it has taken me till now to address the issue.

Zoeva Brush Review - Makeup Brushes.jpg

The few quality brushes I do own have been accumulated slowly over time, and I finally thought it was time to acquire a few more.  I’d very much love to own the full set of Rae Morris makeup brushes, that would be my ideal, however my budget (currently) does not allow for $1000 in makeup brushes (however fabulous they might be)… so instead I bought Zoeva. Honestly it was a toss-up between Zoeva, Sigma and Crown brushes. They all seem very similar in quality and price, Zoeva was set apart almost solely by design, also being a little stubborn, I wanted to venture away from Sigma and try something a little different. Plus we all know and love the rose gold trend, right? (Just me)

The Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set includes 12 Professional quality makeup brushes made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres. These beautiful makeup brushes have a rose gold ferrule (metal Part) and come with included faux soft leather makeup brush pencil case, which adds to their style and luxe. The Makeup Pencil Case has the logo ‘Zoeva’ on the front which is made of a metal pin, as is the zip closure and Zip tag. I would recommend these brushes to any beauty lover who is looking for quality brushes at an affordable price; they are an incredible addition to any collection and ideal to have out on display.

Zoeva Brush Review - Metal Pin Upclose.jpg

Zoeva Brush Review - Makeup Brushes Angled.jpg

Zoeva Brush Review - Brushes in Pouch.jpg

The Good
They are fantastic quality, incrediblly soft and luxurious with very minimal (if any at all) sheading of bristle hairs. The brushes themselves are a light to medium weight and so very easy to work with. The selection of brushes included is of a great variety that seem to have been greatly considered to the consumers’ needs. The complete set is just that, complete, with all brushes working harmoniously together enabling you to create a range of eye looks in full using just the Zoeva brushes. The set is ideal for traveling, minus the inclusions of face brushes, due to their included makeup pouch which is not limited to is uses and could also be used as an on-the go makeup pouch for the likes of your bag or car.

The Not So Good
I will point out, especially to those of you who impulse buy, or purchase due to aesthetics, that the pouch that the makeup brushes comes in is actually a very deep chocolate brown and not a black as depicted. Apart from that, these brushes are hard to fault, they are a little on the smaller size as far as a brush goes (the handle being what’s referred to here), but not of any noticeable effect on how you use and handle the brushes themselves.

Overall a fantastic product, of high quality, beautifully crafted to appeal to the materialistic beauty lover side of us and well worth purchasing.

224 Luxe Defined Crease Brush
Nautral-Synthetic Hair Mix
Used to apply shadow directly to the crease and for slight blending of colour into the crease.

Zoeva Brush Review - 224 Luxe Define Crease.jpg

226 Smudger Brush
Synthetic Fibres
Used to shade and blend eye shadow and kohl liner along the lash line.

Zoeva Brush Review - 226 Smudger.jpg

227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush
Natural Goat Hair
Used for soft blending and shading of pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadow.

Zoeva Brush Review - 227 Luxe Soft Definer.jpg

228 Luxe Crease Brush
Natural Goat Hair
Used for soft blending and shading of pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadow.

Zoeva Brush Review - 228 Luxe Crease.jpg

230 Luxe Pencil Brush
Natural Pony Hair
Used for soft blending and shading of pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadow along the lash line for a smoky effect.

Zoeva Brush Review - 230 Luxe Pencil.jpg

231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush
Natural Goat Hair
Used for soft blending and shading of pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadow.

Zoeva Brush Review - 321 Luxe Petit Crease.jpg

234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush
Natural Goat Hair
Used for soft blending and shading of pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadow.

Zoeva Brush Review - 234 Luxe Smoky Shaderside

237 Detail Shader Brush
Nautal Goat Hair
Used to apply cream shadows on lid of eye.

Zoeva Brush Review - 237 Detail Shader.jpg

315 Fine Liner Brush
Used to create fine lines along with eye shadow.

Zoeva Brush Review - 315 Fine Liner.jpg

317 Wing Liner Brush
Used to create winged line along lash line using gel products.

Zoeva Brush Review - 317 Wing Liner.jpg

322 Brow Line Brush
Taklon Fibres
Used to define brows with the use of powder or cream shadows.

Zoeva Brush Review - 322 Brow Line.jpg

142 Concealer and Buffer Brush
Taklon Fibres
Used to apply concealer for a super natural finish.

Zoeva Brush Review - 142 Concealer Buffer1.jpg

Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set
AUD $92.00 (free shipping) – Purchased online from

More details can be found at Zoeva’s website.

For Australian consumers is my go to source for hard to find makeup and beauty products, but information can also be found on

Blossom xo



  1. Micaylah Jewell says

    These brushes are gorgeous! 💕 I’ve heard nothing but good things about Zoeva. 💟 Thanks for sharing beautiful. 💋

  2. thank you so much for the review!! I’ve been lusting over them for a while now and am definitely pulling the trigger 😀 (I have them in my beautybay cart as we speak, it’s just a shame the AUD has dropped so now they’re a bit more expensive)

    also your photos are gorgeous!

    • You’re welcome lovely, I absolutely love them definitely worth it! That’s so exciting, enjoy! I’ll be purchasing some of Zoeva’s face brushes soon… Xx

  3. Galya says

    Stupid company with stupid support. Have order two times and got second order cancelled as they call it “wholesale”. And no answer after at all.

    • That’s horrible, are you ordering them from zoeva directly? I must admit I’ve never ordered straight from zoeva I got mine from a distributor. Pretty disappointing to hear how your orders being handled… 😞 hopefully it all gets sorted out for you…!

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