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Material Lusts & Worldly Inspirations | Introduction and new segment


This is a new segment which I will credit inspiration from several sources, those being from blogs Sincerely Jules, Harper and Harley and With All My Affection.

I loved the idea of sharing what we love, what inspires us, our aspirations in a variety of categories such as beauty, travel, work, self-improvement, and our simple materialistic guilty pleasures.

The quote “No idea is original” gave me the courage to incorporate this idea into my blog, a space designed to express myself, which should by all means live up to at least my expectations and prove to be a place that I myself would visit (click about, read and be inspired by) and do so happily, not just due to a personal bias as it is my own blood sweat and tears that I inject into these pages.

So without further ado I give you my first Material Lusts & Worldly Inspirations #1 | Winter Warmers

In the spirit of the Australia weather finally starting to cool down and my love of winter; I thought what better way to start this series off with a compilation of images that best covey my favourite things about winter.

#1 Winter Warmers#1 Winter Warmers 2

**Note: these images are not my own but have been sourced from Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr and other such forms of social media.

Blossom xo



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