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What’s In My Nappy Bag…? For Two Toddlers

Whats In My Nappy Bag - Feature Image.jpg
With baby number three’s due date getting closer and closer and the days of having just two little ones to take care of fewer and fewer, I thought I would share what I currently keep in my nappy bag as its contents is soon to change.

It’s probably worth noting that I like to be organised and prepared, a personality trait that comes in handy when you have a crying toddler, or an explosive snotty nose that connects nose to taste buds, that I find my bag full of tricks helps me sort the kids out and keep screaming and tantrums to a minimum.

I’ve learnt, after a few disastrous outings in the beginning when rose was still a little bubba, that being unprepared gave me incredible anxiety, having other mums passing me by giving me that look (that I can’t believe she forgot baby wipes look or the parenting is not your thing look). So to minimise the anxiety, avoid (some) tantrums, and just to be prepared in general this is what my baby bag is usually stocked with.

Also thought I would add that I leave the baby bag at the front door ready to go, which makes getting out of the house that less stressful and time effective.

I picked up my baby bag just before Rose was born it’s from JJ Cole Collections and is their satchel bag in charcoal infinity, absolutely love this bag, and after being in heavy use for the last 15+ months is still holding up really well, a credit to the bags quality.

The bag has a large middle compartment, with four side pockets inside, four open pockets on the outside, two zip pockets on the outside and two drink bottle holders on the sides.

Whats In My Nappy Bag - Bag Collage.jpg

The two outside zip pockets contain bobby pins and hair ties in one, and loose change and for parking etc. in the other.

I keep a drink bottle each for the kids in the outer drink bottle holders, which contains water.

In the bags outer open pockets, I keep my wallet, phone, keys all in separate pockets for easy access, the fourth pocket is left free purposely for extra storage for the little things when I am out and about.

In the four inner pockets I sort the contents into four categories being changing, cleaning, medical, and snacks.

Changing compartment
3x Nappies for Rose (enough for an outing that takes up most of the day) 2x Spare undies for Mason in case of little accidents as he is still getting the hang of toilet training and tends to have little wet patches.

Cleaning compartment
Pack of nappy wipes, which I use for both nappy changes but also if they have sticky fingers or faces.
2x small face (mainly used for boogies)
A Change mat

Medical Compartment
(note Mason has an anaphylactic allergy so I keep more medicine on me than the average mum)
Epi Pen
Baby Panadol
Antiseptic powder
Panty liners (these are for me)

Snack Compartment
Usually packed before I head out the door, and is usually one or several of the following; Squeeze pouch yoghurts Arrowroot biscuits Rice crackers Apple Container of grapes Snack size nut free chocolate (for when they’ve been really well behaved) Dried fruit (apple, apricots or sultanas).

Whats In My Nappy Bag - Bag Contents.jpg

And for the main large middle compartment I include 2 colouring books and some crayons/texters and a few toys to occupy the kids when need be, these toys change but on a very infrequent basis. I also have a muslin cloth swaddle which I use to drape over the pram if Rose falls asleep and a blanket in the colder weather. I also occasionally pack a spare change of clothes for the kids, depending on if they are sick, teething, activity planed, that ups the chance of needing to change their clothes. And that is what I pack in my baby bag; hopefully this is helpful to any mums who are interested to see what others pack or mums about to have their second baby. I don’t like to pack excessively as it only makes the bag heavier but find these contents gets me out of most sticky situations and is all that I really use.

Blossom xo

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