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Getting Ready for a Creative Day

Getting Ready for a Creative Day.jpg
Being a stay at home mum, especially a pregnant stay at home mum, it’s very easy to find yourself fallen in to a slump. Whether that slump is referencing your style, inspiration, being organised or all of the above, I find getting out of the house, or at the very least outdoors, and or engaging in an activity that gets your creative juices flowing really helps get things back on track. Today’s misadventures consisted of outdoor playtime for the kids whilst I buried my head in my computer working furiously on updating my blog layout (you may have already noticed some changes), and later on I will be attempting to create a fabulous and hopefully tasty birthday cake for Mason’s party which is happening tomorrow.

For days such as these I find something comfortable, relaxed but still suitable to walk out the door on short notice looking presentable usually works well. My go to clothing pieces start with the basics, a great pair of maternity jeans, loose knitted jumper, statement necklace and of course the ever mum appropriate flats.

Wish me luck in creating Mason’s birthday cake, for some reason I have a reputation for kids cakes to go very, very wrong (must be the pressure to deliver).

Blossom xo


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