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Honey Exfoliating Anti-Aging Mask


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As a trained and qualified beauty therapist you might assume that I am anti homemade beauty products or that I might think them inferior to more well-known salon quality products, but on the contrary, I happen to be a huge fan of DIY beauty products especially when organic, cheap and the ingredients can be sourced straight from my kitchen.

My favourite DIY beauty products to make are exfoliants and masks, especially enzyme masks (or masks that have exfoliating properties). Here is my favourite mask recipe that I always refer back to when my skin is needing a little lift or I’m just in the mood for a little (budget) friendly pampering. I do try to incorporate this mask in on a regular basis as I love the results and think it complements my beauty routine.

So without further ado here is my go to DIY Mask.

Honey Exfoliating Anti-Aging Mask - Inredients.jpg

Honey Exfoliating Anti-Aging Mask

Benefits: Anti-bacterial, Moisturising, Hydrating, Exfoliating, helps boost collagen production and minimise fine lines. This mask is also great for combating acne and acne scaring.

Skin Type: This mask is great for all skin types the only contraindication being those with rosacea skins or in you have active acne or open sores. Both dull and dry skins, sensitive skins and oily and acne prone skins will benefit immensely.

2 tspn Honey
1 tspn Cinnamon
1 tspn Nutmeg

Method: Simply combine all ingredients in a small bowl or container, mixing ingredients till they are completely combined. The mixture will be thick and dry at first but will eventually come together (however feel free to add a little more honey to get desired consistency).

Application: dampen skin slightly with warm water, and then using either your fingers or a mask brush, apply the mask to entire face being careful to avoid eye contours and the lips. Using middle and ring finger gently exfoliate the skin by rubbing the mask in circular motions for 1-2 mins. Leave mask on for 15-30 minutes depending on skin sensitivity.To remove mask, simply use warm water and a damp face cloth. I like to finish off by splashing my face with cold water to help tighten pores and remember when drying the skin to use patting motions.

Honey Exfoliating Anti-Aging Mask - Collage.jpg

Please note: due to the ingredients in this mask and the enzymatic effect on the skin, depending on your skin type and sensitivity, you may feel slight warmth or even a slight tingly sensation, this is the mask at work. However if you feel anything more than a slight sensation to the skin or the mask is stinging or burning use common sense and remove immediately. This mask will also have a slight erythema effect (redness to the skin) after removal but will subside within 30 mins to an hour again depending on your skin. This stimulation is what is great about the mask and what helps with collagen production and for improving circulation to the skin resulting in a brighter more youthful complexion.

Blossom xo

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