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Dressing for Two | What to Wear to a Christening

Dressing for Two - What to Wear to a Christening.jpg
We just had little Rose’s Christening over the weekend, something I had been meaning to get around to for the longest time. I had originally planned to get her christened before she turned one, which obviously didn’t happen seeing she is now 17 months old.

I had a little panic the night before after trying on a maternity dress I had worn with my previous pregnancy to a wedding which made me look like a tent (insert sad face), just goes to show each pregnancy and how you carry is very different. So realising that there wasn’t the slightest chance I was going to walk out the door let alone be seen in that dress had me on a last minute dash to find a suitable dress.

“At Dressing for Two, we believe that expectant mothers are beautiful and should feel beautiful in the clothes they wear; they should have the opportunity to reflect their personality and mood through their appearance. As such, we only sell high quality, affordable, modern and stylish maternity wear and products that are carefully selected from our wide range of designers and suppliers.”.

If you’re a Canberra mum, and anything like me where you need to actually try on maternity clothes, I can highly recommend the store Dressing for Two located in Harrison. I have shopped there for each of my pregnancies, and find their selection on clothes and pregnancy essentials versatile and really high quality.

What really stands out to me about this particular maternity store is the little extras they put into your shopping experience. The staff are incredibly friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable about their products.

They are also very helpful with the little ones, helping to occupy their little sticky fingers with toys they supply just outside the dressing rooms, which are extremely roomy with a place to sit and a complimentary bottle of water. It’s the little touches like these that having me going back for more.

I must have tried on every dress in the store, but decided on a classic black and white piece that was versatile enough to wear to engagement party I have coming up. I paired with black pointed flats, and somewhat delicate gold jewellery, going for a black, white and gold theme.

dressing for two logo

167/148 Flemington Road, Harrison ACT 2914 Free shipping Australia wide (no minimum order)

If you’re not located near Canberra you can still benefit, as they also run as a 24/7 online store and offer free Australia wide delivery.

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