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Beauty Review | Milani Rose Powder Blush + Swatches

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Feature Image.jpg
Visually these blushes are stunning; I seem to have a bit of a weakness not just for makeup but, makeup packaging. I have seen and heard only a little about Milani cosmetics and up until now had no real desire to try anything from the range as I generally tend to opt for higher end makeup products. But don’t let their drugstore prices fool you, although not everything from the line is of exceptional quality (I wasn’t a big fan of their eye shadow quad; Milani Fierce Foil Eye Shine) I have heard nothing but praise for their blushes.

The Blushes originally came out in 2014 as a limited addition and currently have three of the shades in their permanent collection. They each contain 17 grams (0.60oz) of product and are packaged in Milani’s signature gold packaging (with a snap closure), which although plastic gives a higher end feel. The colour selections are really natural and have a matte finish, available in the shades Tea Rose (a neutral pink), Coral Cove (a pink toned coral) and Romantic Rose (a warm brown toned Pink). The Blushes are promoted as being soft as a petal and a dream to blend. The blushes are indented with a 3D rose design, which is incredibly beautiful and makes you a little hesitant to use the product so as not to ruin it.

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Blush Trio.jpg

Who are these blushes are suited for? The colour selection, like most makeup companies, does limit these blushes to those with light to medium skin tones. However the colour selection is really natural so are ideal for natural makeup looks or daytime looks.

The Good
These blushes are beautiful, in both package and application, the coverage is on the sheerer side and easily buildable which makes this product ideal for natural makeup looks. The intensity can be as strong as you like with the benefit of your natural skin showing through. These blushes, as promised by the company do blend out incredibly well. There is a really good amount of product which when combined with the price makes them a great affordable drugstore blush option.

The Not so Good
I was a little disappointed with the inconsistency when comparing the three blushes, when swatching these blushes I noticed that Romantic Rose had a far creamier and silky texture than their counterparts. What I did find was that there was a crosshatch texture covering the blush which when removed via wiping away the texture improved, which is good for the texture but unfortunate in regards to maintaining the rose imprint. Note these blushes can be a little on the chalky side, but for the most part are quite silky and apply really well with good pigmentation.

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Romantic Rose.jpg

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Tea Rose.jpg

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Tea Rose.jpg

Milani Rose Powder Blush - Swatches.jpg

Overall a really nice blush that focuses on both natural colour selection and application, really great for everyday wear.

The Milani Rose Powder Blushes retail for $7.99 US Dollars, and whilst there is an Australian Milani website they do not offer the full range so if you are interested in purchasing these particular blushes you will need to try alternative means of tracking them down.

I found the best price for shipping and the product itself was through Beauty Joint. I paid $9.99 AU dollars plus Shipping ($12.84AU). There website can be found here.

More information can be found at Milani’s website here.

Blossom xo



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    theyre so pretty to look at! love your blog, would be fab if you could check my latest blog post out. xxx

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