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Beauty Review | Tory Birch Catch Eye shadow Palette Review & Swatches

Tory Burch Catch Eye Shadow Review and Swatches - Feature Image.jpg

After realising I had far too many neutral eye shadow palettes I thought I would venture out (a little) and opt for a palette with either plum, purple or cooler tones, which is what I found in the Tory Burch Catch Eye Palette. What I really loved, not having purchased anything from Tory Burch before, seeing the brand is a fashion brand that has branched out into other areas one of which being cosmetics, was how this product came packaged. I was able to order straight from the website which usually isn’t the case for me when buying cosmetics simply due to shipping restrictions or availabilities to Australian consumers. Honestly I was eyeing off the Tory Burch Palette and either the Exposure Palette or Monochrome Palette from Hourglass Cosmetics, but settled with the Catch Eye Shadow Palette as it, although only six shades, seemed a little more adventurous, than the other two options.

The Tory Burch Catch Eye Palette is described as being feminine, with muted floral-inspired shades that are highly blend-able, ultra-fine and smooth in texture, designed for seamless application. The palette comes with a selection of 6 beautiful eye shadow shades that are a selection of delicate peachy pinks, soft mauves and even a pop of colour with the vibrant cobalt blue which compliments the colour selection perfectly and offers an alternate colour to darken the outer vee. The pigmentation of the shadows themselves is of high quality with the colour payoff being of moderate to full coverage. They come packaged in a vintage inspired book palette with magnetic closure, inset with a mirror on the inner cover; also included is a small two ended makeup brush and tutorial leaflet with two possible looks that can be created from the palette. There is 12 grams (0.42oz) of product per eye shadow with a total 72 grams (2.54oz) of product for the entire palette.

Tory Burch Catch Eye Palette - Open Palette.jpg

Best suited for; All skin types and colourings can benefit from the colour range and selection, however having a cool undertone to the skin would really make these colours pop. 

Tory Burch Catch Eye Shadow Palette - Swatches.jpg

The Good
Incredible pigmentation, running the brush lightly over the shadow will pick up a good amount of product easily visible on the brush. The texture is all the things you would expect form a high end makeup product, buttery, silky, velvety, smooth, blends like a dream, and all those good things. I particularly favour the three darker shades from the palette those colours being Wild Card, Folly and Evil Eye and find I get the most use out of those shades. I love how all the colours within this palette really complement each other and you can achieve multiple looks because of this, even though there are only 6 shades to select from. The packaging is of course beautiful which I do tend to look for and take into consideration when buying a beauty product especially a high end one as the design is a large part of the cost.

Tory Burch Palette Front and back cover.jpg

Tory Burch Catch Eye Shadow Palette - Look Cards.jpg
The Not So Good

When picking up product on the brush I do notice that there is quite a bit of fall out which essentially is wasting some of the product, and can sometimes fall into the other shadows; Note it doesn’t contaminate the lighter colours but I would advise removing the excess fallout to ensure the colour doesn’t leach into the lighter pigments if left there. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the dual ended makeup brush that comes included with this kit, I find it didn’t quite grab on to the product which resulted in a messier application than what I can achieve with my personal makeup brushes. To be honest I usually find I don’t like when they include a makeup brush as I usually loose the brush of it is never in the case and a little bit of my OCD kicks in and it bothers me that there is an constantly an empty slot where the brush would normally sit, #firstworldproblems, even if the brush feels incredibly soft.

Overall this is a beautiful palette which fulfilled my expectations, and delivered on the products promises. The only thing I would change about this palette would be the included makeup brush, but that has nothing to do with the actual product itself, just the design, which is a minor detail.

Tory Burch Catch Eye Palette - Shadows.jpgTory Burch Catch Eye Palette - Brush.jpg
Packaging 1.jpg

The Tory Burch Catch Eye Palette retails for $60 US dollars and in addition to American consumers also offers DHL Global Mail Shipping options to Australia and Canada, postage costs being determined by package weight.

With conversion rates taken into consideration and the added on shipping costs I paid $92.88 AU dollars to get a hold of this beautiful palette.

packaging 2.jpg

For more information please visit the Tory Burch website for more on this palette and other palettes form the Tory Burch Eye Palette range.

Blossom xo


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