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Pregnancy Distraction | Beauty Haul 2015

Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - Feature Image.jpg
I’m getting to the point where I feel so ridiculously pregnant, and am struggling to keep convincing myself that my due date is at 42 weeks instead of the normal 40 weeks (an attempt to keep myself from getting impatient at my huge baby filled belly). So I thought what better than to distract myself by; getting things done around the house, keeping my schedule pretty booked up, and now the latest is putting together an immaculately organised baby and hospital bag (someone may or may not be nesting). So that’s what I was supposed to be doing today was picking up all the little nick-knacks I needed beauty wise to finish packing my bag, so things like travel sized hair and hygiene products.  Turns out I got distracted from my distraction at none other than Priceline, where I only managed to pick up a couple of items from my actual list before spotting some other goodies.

I usually over research a lot of my beauty products, so it was nice to just pick things out simply cause I liked the colour, packaging or how they swatched, and will be even more fun testing the products out and seeing how they perform, both for my skin and as a product.

Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - products.jpg

From my list I picked up;

Sunsilk travel size shampoo and conditioner 50ml
Palmolive Milk and Honey Shower Milk 100ml
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturiser 50ml
Listerine Freshburst Mouthwash 80ml
Colgate Total Toothpaste 45g
Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush 50ml
Libra Maternity Pads 10pk x2

Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - List items.jpg

Priceline Goodies

Models Prefer
Mineral Powder  Soft Touch in Photo Ready
I have heard lots of great things about these powders, four colours in total in the selection, and have even heard them to be a dupe for Hourglasses Ambient Lighting Powders. They swatched beautifully in store and I would have picked up more however they were incredibly low on stock. Photo Ready, the one I picked up has a gorgeous shimmer without any visible glitter and a slight pinky undertone.
10g of product / retails for $16.99 AU

Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - Beauty Products.jpg

Models Prefer
Argan Infusion Natural Foundation in Shell
Also from the Models Prefer range and newer to their collection as are the mineral powders. I really loved the colour match, and as we are now coming into winter I am finding my MAC foundations a shade too dark and coming up a little yellow toned on my skin. Apparently infused with Argan Oil which sounds incredible for keeping my skin hydrated during the winter months, particularly eager to see how this foundation performs.
40ml of product / retails for 16.99 AU

Long-lasting Lipstick in Come Naturally
a beautiful your-lips-but-better shade of nude, that when swatched felt quite moisturising, a quality usually compromised on in longer lasting lipstick formulations. Definitely a shade inspired from the Kylie Jenner lip craze/obsession, and funnily enough a shade I didn’t really own in my collection, with most of my lipsticks being much more on the pink side.
3.8g of product / retails for $4.70 AU

Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - Priceline Haul.jpg
XXXL Long-lasting lip gloss in Soft Nude
This product seems to compliment the above mentioned lipstick with a similar shade, although perhaps slightly more pink, and considering Essence is such an affordable makeup line I thought I would give it a go even though I was unable to swatch this product in the store (after swatching at home, turns out the colours don’t match at all). The product seemed interesting enough and something I might like as it has a matte effect again something not usually seen in a lip gloss which by very definition implies shine rather than a matte finish, another product I am keen to test out.
4.5ml of product / retails for $4.70 AU

Eye Shadow Pencil in Crema
And lastly, I picked up a cream stick eye shadow from another incredibly affordable range, Savvy, in the most beautiful rose gold colour. Quite a similar product to the NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye
Pencils, however I find the NYX ones to be on the gritty side and can irritate my eyes, whereas the Savvy one swatched really creamy and smooth and without visible glitter (I am not a huge fan of huge chunks of glitter in my cosmetics) so hopefully I get no irritation from this product, which would make my purchase a bargain instead of an impulse buy.
2.4g of Product / retails for 6.99
Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - Swatches.jpg

And to top the day off, I received a package in the mail today with some goodies I order off a beauty site I hadn’t used before Ry’s, which I was testing out, which honestly just made my day. Goodies

The One Perfecting Brush in Limited Edition Gold
After researching this product extensively and comparing reviews between this brush and Rae Morris’s Radiance brush decided on this one for two reasons, one (and you probably already guess it) because of the beautiful gold handle and two because there is a cheek sculpting brush that I prefer from the Rae Morris Range so I felt purchasing the Becca one was preferable so as not to buy two very expensive brushes from Rae Morris that were very similar.
Retails for $70 AU (however I picked it up from for only $56AU)

Pregnancy Distraction Beauty Haul - Becca The One 2.jpg
Care Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner Duo
I’ve never heard of this brand, however having slim to no chance of getting back to my salon before baby is due, and running desperately low on shampoo and conditioner, decided to purchases these two which conveniently came in a duo pack. They are Australian made and owned and this particular shampoo and conditioner is an award winning product, and is also a salon only product so I’m expecting salon quality. its formulated with wheat proteins, German chamomile and violet pigments designed to tone unwanted brassy or yellow tones from your hair as well as balance and hydrate the hair, this to me all sounded great plus being my first time ordering from Ry’s I didn’t want to go all out and spend too much, just enough to receive the free shipping.
500ml of product (each) / retails for $29.90 (however I picked it up for 19.95 from

shampoo and conditioner - NAK.jpg

So hopefully y my pregnancy distraction will work two fold, the first being the buying, and for some of these products, the researching. Secondly, and the most fun, trying out all of my new goodies, which while still technically on bed rest (or restricted activity) is a more than ideal way to pass the time, especially as a beauty lover and enthusiast.

Blossom xo


  1. RavishingRoses says

    awww I hope your pregnancy is going okay!! Love this post would be fab if you could check out my latest post too

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