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Chilli & Cinnamon Hot Chocolate | Almost Healthy Treats

Chilli and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate - Feature Image.jpg
There is nothing more satisfying then warming up on a cold day with a hot drink, even more so when it contains chocolate. Here’s a little recipe I have to share with you that’s there to satisfy a chocolate craving, warm you from the inside and keep the guilt away as it is somewhat good for you (or at least not terrible). I especially love putting chilli in my hot chocolates as it really warms you up, but be sure to adjust the amount of chilli to your preference.

What’s In It

¾ Cup Almond Milk (unsweetened) or Dairy free milk alternative
1 ½ Teaspoon Raw Cacao Powder
¼ Teaspoon Chilli Powder
¼ Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Raw Coconut Sugar or sweetener of your choice
Hot water

Chilli and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate - Ingredients.jpg

For this recipe you will need a kettle and either a milk frother (preferred) or microwave/stove top. I prefer to use a milk frother as it warms the milk to a perfect temperature and produces a really nice foam to top of your drink which makes this recipe feel a little more indulgent.

How To Make It

Begin by putting the kettle on to boil and place almond milk in the milk frother so they are ready to go at the same time.

Using boiling water from the kettle, mix together in your mug water, cocoa powder and sweetener of your choice using just enough water to make a smooth paste, which when added to the milk will combine more seamlessly and create a more creamier consistency.

Combine almond milk (holding back the froth) to the cocoa mixture stirring till ingredients come together.

Stir in chilli and cinnamon, doing so now allows the heat of the milk to slightly warm the spices giving off a really nice fragrance and taste.

And lastly add the froth, sprinkling the top with a light dusting of cinnamon (optional)

Chilli and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate - image 1.jpg
Chill and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate - Image 2.jpg

Serve in your favourite mug, with either a good book or movie, grab a blanket and enjoy!

Blossom xo




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