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Budget Beauty Find | Amazing Body Moisturiser

Budget Beauty Find - Feature Image.jpg
When it comes to beauty, is it better to spend or splurge?

Depending on the type of product and what you are using it for will determine whether to spend big or not. Personally I find, for the most part, you get what you pay for in terms of makeup and beauty products, but sometimes we are purely just paying for the brand name with some companies even producing similar if not the same product, in the same factory, with the same ingredients, however packaging them differently and giving them price tags at opposite ends of the spectrum. I think this is why beauty dupes are so popular and why we get so excited when we do find great beauty products at the drug store, cause if you are anything like me, you have bought one too many disappointing products (a big reason why I opt for higher end products, and am selective with what I buy), even though a lot of drug store products don’t cost you the earth they are still a waste of money if they 1. Don’t work or worse are irritating and damaging to your skin, and 2. If you are not going to continue to use them.

Obviously most of my knowledge when it comes to beauty errs on the skincare and beauty therapy side, with my makeup knowledge being mostly self-taught, and learnt from experimentation, with only a small amount of basic training under my belt (enough to know colour theory, basic application, and what brush to use with what product).

This is why research is always going to be your best guide when it comes to beauty products, and a little bit of trial and error too, and with tones of online reviews and beauty gurus doing the testing for you it is becoming easier to cipher through the crap and find what works, however be mindful that while one product may work for someone, it may not be right for you, so when looking at beauty reviews look not only at how a product swatches and what it promises but also the skin type and colouring of the reviewer and if it is similar to yours.

It can definitely be confusing when browsing isles of makeup and beauty products to determine what is really going to work and what just hype, gimmicks and or false promises’. So when we find products that really work, have great ingredients, and are incredibly affordable it is near impossible to not include them in your beauty regime but even more impossible to not pass on the news.

So here’s my find!

Budget Beauty Find - Bottle.jpg

Pharmacy Care
Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion
A light weight lotion for the body that can also be used on the face, which boasts a non-greasy fast absorbing formula, formulated especially with dry skins in mind and is fragrance free. The emulsion is made of a moisturising base with added glycerin and also contains vitamin E, other beneficial ingredients in this lotion are shea butter and evening primrose oil.

What I love
obviously the price point is really affordable and you are getting a generous amount of product for the price, so that’s a plus. I usually consider myself a test bunny for the family when it comes to trying out new creams and lotions; as, if anyone is going to get a reaction or irritation it’s going to be me, due to my sensitive eczema prone skin. What I found with this product was that it shock horror actually moisturised my skin, within 2 days I saw a massive and noticeable difference to my skins suppleness and hydration retention, meaning an improved skin barrier function, this resulting in smoother silkier feeling skin. It doesn’t get rid of my eczema but it does have a somewhat calming effect on the skin and doesn’t cause any eczema flare-ups, or irritate my skin in the slightest. I was already using a moisturiser so my skin wasn’t in terrible condition, apart from some pregnancy related dryness on the backs of my forearms, so for me to see such a dramatic change in my skin made me sit up and take notice of this product. As far as application goes, I find I can slather on the product unceremoniously with no special attention given to properly rubbing the moisturiser in fully to the skin, and by the time that I have walked from the bathroom to the bedroom to get dressed, the moisturiser has already sunk into the skin, leaving little to no greasy feeling allowing me to put clothes on immediately without any transfer of product, or wet sticky feeling under the clothing. So I would have to agree with their claim of a “fast absorbing and non-greasy formula”, this lotion is incredibly easy to apply and glides on to the skin with ease. I love that the formula is simple, but has the bases covered as far as ingredients, with glycerine being a great ingredient for smoothing and relieving dry skin and an ingredient I tend do to look for in a body moisturiser. I will 100% be including this moisturiser in my daily skincare routine, exchanging it for my Vaseline moisturiser.

Budget Beauty Find - Moisturiser front back.jpg
Budget Beauty Find - Back Information.jpg
Budget Beauty Find - Product.jpg
I highly recommend you to give this product a go and see how it benefits your skin, although marketed towards dry skin, the ingredients are simple enough and being a lotion consistency would benefit a wide variety of skin types.

This moisturiser retails for $4.99 for 500ml and is also sold in 1 litre quantities, and is available at Amcal pharmacies Australia wide.

For more information click here.

Blossom xo


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