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My Thoughts on Tea…


So after what feels like an eternity of pregnant-ness and food restrictions, yes to fruit and veggies, no to sushi and soft cheeses, yes to extra water to stay hydrated, no to alcohol and caffeine, you know the drill. You are presented with this beautiful baby and an empty womb which brings on the exciting prospects of consuming whatever food and drinks you want again (hello caffeine…!). But sadly my friend you are mistaken. It’s cruel really, at a time when you are so deliriously tired and where caffeine could be your one and only ally, due to the caffeine entering your breast milk and consequently the babies system, it is recommended to limit consumption (Aghh! More restrictions).What a sick twist of irony, non-breast feeding mothers I envy your ability to consume caffeine.  Every now and then I think to myself, oh one cup won’t hurt, but it does, both me and baby are buzzing at all hours of the day and night, neither of us getting any sleep, which only makes you more tired the next and in need of a larger dose of caffeine, followed by more buzzing and compounded exhaustion the following morning (for both you and baby) you have to question if it is really worth it?, even if the guidelines do allow moderate consumption of caffeine, as the whole process is obviously incredibly counterintuitive. So in steps decaffeinated beverage options and the real subject of this post, tea.

So now a little further off topic then I wanted to be, as this post is actually about non caffeinated teas that don’t suck/taste like organic green waste just vomited into my cup and said it was tea and good for me. Now a little side note;  if you put a health label on a product good chance is I’m gonna give it a go, and even attempt to try and like it (almond milk I’m looking at you) but the thing is when it comes to making sustainable healthy choices  in order to opt for healthier alternatives, such as not feeding the baby caffeine, unless I like the taste of the alternative,  even with my borrowed theory of you can learn to like anything as long as you try it enough times theory, a theory which directly negates my adopted pleasure theory of living and loving life in the moment (even when bored at home surfing Netflix’s or cleaning up toddler discarded food off the floor for the 1 millionth time), if I make the ‘face’, you know the face, the ‘this taste so… healthy!’ face, usually followed by a loud and laboured swallow, then good chances are I’m just going to be off the band wagon sculling caffeine or (insert other vice here) like there is no tomorrow!

There are a lot of pretty and fluffy posts out there of delicately staged pictures of herbal teas and the drinker seemingly enjoying them; this is not one of those posts. Below is a tried and tested list of herbal teas that are for the staunch black tea lover and for those new to herbal teas (bitter teas! Should that really big a thing?). apart from a brief affair with what I like to call ‘dirt tasting’ teas or to put it more eloquently ‘earth flavoured’ which was a by-product of pregnancy induced pica and saved me from actually eating dirt (a story for another time…) I generally prefer naturally sweet teas, that are naturally caffeine free, as the chemical process of removing caffeine can taste a little unnatural and take-away from the health benefits and flavour of the tea, so with that in mind do give the teas listed below a go and see whether your taste buds agree.

Black tea and coffee can easily be substituted with non-caffeinated varieties; however non-caffeinated counterparts usually don’t live up on taste, so I like to opt for Nespressos Volluto decafeinato, and for a black tea alternative I like Adore Tea’s Decaf French Earl Grey.

As for herbal teas…

English Tea Shop
Organic Lemongrass, Ginger and Citrus

Elderberry & Echinacea with Elderflower

Three Mint

Peach with a squeeze of orange

Decaf Green Tea and Pomegranate

Tasty Herbal Infusions
Rosehip Tea with Hibiscus

Of the teas listed above I really love the elderberry & Echinacea tea, I love pretty much the entire line of Pukka Teas and love them even more so for being both an Australian product and an organic one at that.

What’s your favourite tea?

Blossom xo

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