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January Loves

Here is a new little segment I am planning on incorporating into my blog on a monthly basis, where at the end of every month I share 5 things from the month that I have been loving, this can include anything from inspirational quotes, beauty products, food, media, books or articles, persons of interest and the likes. Now because there are more topics than what I plan to share as my five loves for the month, I plan to interchange which categories to share allowing me to be more organic with what I am actually loving that month and to offer a variety of inspiration and ideas.

This month has been quite an inspirational one for me, I’ve been binge watching ted talks and really getting into the spirit of the New Year. So here you have my first and January loves…


Smoothie bowls, really what can I say but, delicious, nutritious and satiating. My go to recipe, which I rarely tamper with includes these ingredients; 2 bananas, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 tablespoon PB2 powder, 1 teaspoon Raw Cacao Powder and ¼ teaspoon Macca powder (blended together to form the base or as its more commonly known, nice cream). For toppings I like to add cacao nibs, crushed peanuts, shredded coconut, buckwheat kernels and chia seeds.


I absolutely love this combination mainly because it tastes so delicious but also hugely due to how satiating this meal (usually breakfast) is.

Inspirational Quote

I have been really inspired by many of the quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson as of late, an American essayist, lecture and poet from the 1800s, but this one particular quote stuck a chord with me. I found it so relatable, here I am trying to explore alternative (yet still somewhat conservative) lifestyles choices, and I find I get so frustrated at myself when I get caught up in doing what’s expected of me in life and by society and following trends and ideals that don’t sit with my own intentions and desires and ultimately end up feeling inadequate, stressed out, and always trying to catch up yet never feeling like I’ve got the hang of it (or anything). To me this quote stresses the importance of what really adds value to our lives and those around us, and what true success should look like, happiness and compassion, go your own way.

to laugh ralph waldo emerson quote.jpg


As a Christmas gift from my beloved I finally got my grubby little hands on the much coveted Naked 3 palette. The colours are stunning and I now feel my little draw of goodies (makeup) which I’ve recently decluttered as a part of my minimalism challenge taking my makeup collection down from several draws plus further spots spread-out around the house to one draw in my cupboard (not including makeup brushes) which I was really pleased I managed to do (especially as a makeup lover, I need to remember that less is more and quality always over quantity) is now complete with a range of neutral based colours, complimented by my new palette, and beauty items I actually use, wear and of course love. I love urban decay as a brand, and think their products are of great quality, and although owned by L’Oréal (a company that tests on animals) Urban Decay themselves do not which for me is a step in the right direction and am glad that my dollar spent (or my beloveds in this case) is spent as a vote towards cruelty-free makeup.



I recently came across several different YouTube videos whilst following the trail of minimalism and other lifestyles that compliment minimalism (and of course are of interest to me and the areas of my life I would like to change and improve on), these are issues such as environmentalism, consumerism, intentional living, downsizing, healthy and natural beauty alternatives and veganism. After reading a lot of articles and researching further into what I think are such interesting lifestyles lead by some pretty amazing people, I came across a website called trash is for tossers, created by Lauren Singer who lives a zero waste lifestyle in NYC. Now Lauren has an amazing TED talk up on YouTube on her zero waste life style, which I found so inspirational and forced me to have an awareness of my own footprint on this earth. Now as with all the topics listed above, as a means to keep my sanity and a representation of where I am at in my life and my journey, I don’t feel I could completely commit to any of these lifestyles wholly although I am really trying to incorporate more mindfulness into these areas of my life. By starting small, you never know where it’ll get you what may seem like a massive change in the beginning down the tack will eventually seem small; I think it’s important to remember that a small step in the right direction is better than no step at all. So in the case of what Lauren has inspired me to do is to swap out a few simple things such as plastic bags and water bottles for reusable ones, consuming less, and trying to be more conscious of what I am buying and whether or not it can be recycled repurposed or reused before throwing unwanted and used up items in the trash. Below is the ted talk, which I have already watched a couple of times and highly recommend watching.


My most listened to song for the month of January has to be, Habibi (I need your love) by Shaggy featuring Costi, Faydee and Mohombi, I have had this song on my phone for a while now but only after the new year began have I really started listening to it and replaying it over and over again. It has what I call a samba beat to the song or a rolling beat which is my favourite sound when it comes to music, most anything that has this beat I will usually love. It has a exotic, Latin feel to it and has been a big influencer into my finally coming around and admitting that I want to get back into Latin dancing (something I haven’t done since having kids).

And that rounds up the five things that I have been loving this month.

What has been inspiring you lately?

Blossom xo



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