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Love Your Workspaces | Inspirations and Tips on How to be More Productive

Today I thought I would share with you something that I’ve been putting a lot of energy into lately, which is revamping my workspace. It’s no secret that you’ll be more productive and creative in a workspace that is both practical and stylish, listed below are some great ideas that’ll get the inspiration and creative juices flowing. I’ve also included some quick tips on how to be more productive just to kick things up a gear and really get you in the mood to get going!


Elements to consider when recreating a workspace
Storage Bench space to work
Visual stimulus (very helpful for creativity, and improving mood)
Style (minimalist, industrial, modern, feminine etc.)


How to be More Productive

1. Obviously my first tip is to surround yourself with what inspires you such as a beautiful workspace and for even better results include a vision board to help focus your creative energy on achieving what is most important to you.

2. Begin your day on the right foot; spend time in the morning practicing to have a grateful heart! Be appreciative of the things you have in your life and set your intention for the day. Being positive at the beginning of will not only energise you but will help to create and maintain a happy and positive mood throughout the day resulting in more productivity in your work and whatever you set your focus on.

3. When facing a task that you are not particular excited about, say dealing with a very full inbox or even cleaning the house, set yourself 15 minutes and go as hard as you can for 15 minutes only then stop. Knowing that it’s only 15 minutes you’ll get more done in that time then if you allowed an hour, this is due to avoiding procrastination and working at an endurance pace. What you might also notice is that at the end of 15 minutes you’ll be motivated by how much you’ve achieved you’ll be committed to doing another 15, just make sure you have rest in between each time increment to make the process affective.

4. Take care of yourself; make time in the morning to exercise, eat right and spend time getting your head in a positive mind space. Take breaks often at work and never skip a meal just to get 30 minutes more work done. If your body is fuelled correctly and you are making efforts to be healthier, fit and energised. You’ll find you are more focused and determined and in turn can get more done in your day as your body is functioning at an optimum level, this includes reasonable bed times and ensuring you get adequate sleep and hydration.

5. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging, supportive and loving and of course who inspire you, these people will lift your energies and positivity helping for you to be a more happy, confident and productive person. This also means saying goodbye to negative friendships and relationships, ever heard of the term energy vampire? These people will drain you of energy, hope, confidence and enthusiasm and do not add value to your life or aid the process of bringing more productivity into your day.

Hopefully you are inspired to revamp your workspace as I am, and find some helpful tips on how to be more productive in all areas of your life.

Blossom xo



images via: Pinterest.



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