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Autumn Makeup | 2016


Now the weather is finally changing, and we are seeing more and more cooler days, it’s got me really excited for the season and the deeper colours and makeup looks autumn inspires. As a lover of cold weather and everything associated with it, the beginning of autumn makes me feel really refreshed. Having cold starts to the morning makes me feel more awake and vibrant.  I love having a reason to drink more tea, snuggle into some warmer clothes and of course curl up with a blanket (binge watching sex and the city of course)! With this refreshed feeling, comes the excitement of changing up my makeup look! Whilst I love the bronzed beauty and bright colours of summer, for me there’s something really striking about a bold deep burgundy lip and sultry smokey eyes…

I’ve put together some of my favourites looks collected from various social media sites, some are looks that I wear often and some are looks that I am keen to try out this year, hope you get as inspired as me.

My absolute favourite look
The look I’m most eager to try



My everyday go-to autumn makeup



The trendy look


And here’s a few more to drool over!

c9bd0836c3fc42797443dec819b1e441 b0096ba45f9172e14308fa368399714a 498df436f4ed361d94b4d23a4d5bc242 89e9e8e5c8af6de30a752fbe24741c05 9ee8da54867a952b2e0c06c9be8aa141 6f2f76a2a90eec5eb71344bc49d616a6 3fb64d432fae8643d3702a0abfc77b33 46066c04eedab0a6be8a515b2bd030f8 7764b6f03fd9bcc2a1cc96339512bd66 985b792fb189c07a966c3ff78261f827

Which look was your favourite?

Hope you have or are having a beautiful day.

Blossom xo



Cover photo sourced: (re-edited) All other images have been sourced via Pinterest.


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