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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel | Hot or Not Review


This is a slightly different type of review, mainly because when I stumbled across this product in Target (originally only looking for a new top coat) was won over by the colour selection. I did a very quick Google search for reviews and found mainly bad reviews so of course in logical sense bought it anyways. Usually if reviews are bad online I’ll generally give it a miss and there are quite a lot of bad reviews surrounding this one, but the promise on the bottle sounded really interesting, a long lasting polish with a gel appearance and performance, with easy removal that wasn’t harsh on the nails. Sold!


What’s Hot? This nail polish really does last chip free for three times longer than what I get from regular nail polish, which is quite significant (whilst I didn’t quite reach the two week mark I had not a single chip for 6 days which I was really happy about, then the tips began showing signs of wear, but only fading at the edges which again rally impressed with). This is coming from someone with three small children so forever having my hands in water and cleaning up. The colour selection is fantastic and there are some really on trend colours available. Also the fact that you do not have to use an LED light is fantastic, and removal is the same as regular nail polish this is a huge plus as it means your nails are not damaged as they would be using Gel polish and yet you get the same look and great durability.

What’s Not! I am not a fan of the brush, however have adjusted to its shape and find I have no problem with application. Apart from that I’m quite happy with this product and can’t say too much else to fault it.


For more information you can follow this link to the Sally Hansen website to find out more. This product retails for $16.95 AU and can be picked up from places like Target, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolworths and the likes.


Mini Tutorial

I thought I’d include a mini tutorial as after my own positive experience with this polish and the huge amount of negative reviews I noticed that surrounded this nail polish.

After my own positive experience I thought I’d look more into reviews, what I found was that although predominately bad reviews there were some good. After reading quite a few I started to notice a pattern those who had good reviews seemed to be more knowledgeable and had either professional backgrounds like myself or where specialised to only nail tutorials reviews etc. This got me thinking, that although in my opinion a fantastic product, there needs to be more said about proper application, so I thought I’d include a mini tutorial/how to which honestly applies to any nail polish application. This little techniques, which seems so obvious to me I’ve noticed aren’t always used by everyone.

Step one Nail Prep

What a lot of people don’t realise is that like our skin has types like oily, dry sensitive so do our nails. So nail prep is really important, especially if you are after a long lasting minimal to no chip polish application. You need to be firstly removing any oils or residue from your nails for two main reasons if there is any oil on the nail your nail will chip and peel very quickly, also if there are any bits of fluff or lint they will make the application rough. Second, and the most important part of any nail polish application is to use a base coat. USE A BASE COAT! Your top coat pales in comparisons for longevity; you will notice a significant extension of how long your nail polish lasts before chipping.

What Does a Base Coat Do?

  • It increases the time your nail polish will last before chipping and peeling, invest in a good quality one over a top coat.
  • It helps minimise the appearance of nail ridges (most commonly seen on those with dry nails and cuticles) giving your nails a smoother and shiner appearance.
  • It helps for even application of colour, meaning less streaking and less product running into the cuticle (if you apply your base coat correctly, the nail polish will adhere to the base coat and not run down into your cuticles)
  • It protects your nails from the polish, especially important when using a dark colour or wearing polish consistently as they will be the likely causes of yellowing of the nail.

As far as added time to your manicure, when using a good quality base coat, the polish will be dry and ready to go by the time you have finished painting your last nail. So depending on your skills you’re looking at a further 1 to 3 minutes extra time, which when considering the benefits and the longevity it will give you for your polish, I think it most certainly is worth it. Come on who doesn’t have a couple minutes to spare, especially when it’ll save you a whole nail application at an earlier date.

Step Two Application

Application can be a little tricky with this product, mainly due to the extra-large brush that this product comes with (which I’m not the biggest fan of, but found easy enough to get the hang of). Here are the pointers to a professional looking application.

  • Apply a thin application of your first coat. This will be where most of your efforts should be spent perfecting the edges.
  • Try to use the least amount of strokes as possible (aim for three) to get the best even coverage, the more you keep going over the polish the more it starts to get streaky with transparent spots.
  • Your Second Coat should be thicker, you know you’re applying this coat correctly if the polish brush doesn’t have contact with your actual nail and that there is always sufficient product separating the two.
  • Don’t apply pressure on the brush that’ll cause the brush to fan out this will also create a streaky appearance.
  • When applying your nail polish, wipe the excess product from the back of the brush and the tip of the front; apply polish with the brush loaded with polish side down. This helps you control the amount of product and where it goes, making it easier to avoid excess product running into the cuticle and bleeding under the skin.
  • And finally, use the dot product placement technique. This is where you drop the majority to your polish onto the top third of the nail, then placing the brush slightly behind the edge of the dot, move the product up to the edge of your cuticle and then pull back to cover the rest of your nail. This is the best technique for getting a clean edge at the cuticle.


Step Three Removal

The easiest step of them all, for the quickest removal that won’t stain the edges of your skin (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you were a lot of red coloured polish.

Lightly soak cotton balls or cotton pads in polish remover and place over every nail, leaving them on the nail to soak for 10-30 seconds. Then simply wiggle the cotton ball and swipe down the nail, this will remove majority of you polish. Please note that you don’t need to let the nails soak for any extended period of time, simply apply wiggle swipe and your done.

Keep in mind that the application part will take some practice but once you master it you will have beautiful salon like polish results from your own home and hand.

P.s learning to use your opposite hand you write with to paint this way is a little tricky try not to get frustrated and preserve, you’ll thank me later.

As always enjoy! Love,Blossom xo




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