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Anti-Aging for Your Twenties? Prevention and Consistency

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Is this even necessary? I guess it depends on who you ask, and your own personal view point! My back ground is in beauty therapies so I have an appreciation for good skin care and the benefits of what are now some quite advanced facials (most bordering on being a medical procedure).

This is one of those cases where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. We are a society obsessed with staying young, and plastic surgery has become the new norm. We are constantly bombarded with distorted cosmetically enhanced faces greeting us from every celebrity obsessed magazine and internet resource. Let me state for the record I am not against plastic surgery or any treatment used for anti-aging purposes. What I am against is the unrealistic demands women seem to create for themselves and the unnatural faces that older women covet. Beauty is beauty however it comes!

I’m not about to parade around in ugg boots at the grocery store or sport an unkempt appearance as I do have pride in my appearance and like to look my best I however would just like to encourage a little more excitement about the aging processes, it should be something if not celebrated at least not dreaded.

I think we idolise beauty because it is a representation of health and vitality, (it also gets you more free drinks but that’s another story). However we are looking at it from the wrong view point, as opposed to it being an unattainable, money sucking, stress in our lives it should be seen as a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. Something to be enjoyed and appreciated because of what it truly represents! I would hope to undo some of the brainwashed ideals I myself have, along with many other young women today on what beauty really is, balanced with an appreciation for our own beauty and not denying that we, especially women like to dress up, wear makeup and be youthful.

Prevention and Consistency
If you want to see results you have to be consistent, if you want to age gracefully and spend a little less money on fillers in your future you have to incorporate preventative treatments and lifestyle choices. Below is a list of something’s you can begin to incorporate into your beauty routines and lifestyles that will help maintain a healthy and appearance.

Main components of Anti-aging in order of importance


Diet and Exercise
water intake (hydration), physical activity levels, medications and supplements

Preventative lifestyle measures
Sun protection, facial yoga, lymphatic drainage, anti-aging facials massage, quality facial/body care routine and products

Necessary indulgences (mind and body)
Socialising, meditation and relaxation, in spa treatments, continued education.

Some of My Favourite Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks


A glass of water on waking (bonus points if you add lemon)

Drink H2O and plenty of it (activity level and climate considered)

Salutation to the sun or other energising yoga on waking (done at foot of my bed before I face the day and the stresses of family life and demanding little bodies)

Facial yoga and lymphatic drainage

Facial massage using anti-aging movements (easy way to incorporate is when cleansing the skin or applying a facial oil of the evening)

Taking 5 minutes to raise your legs head level to help improve circulation (a must if varicose veins run in your family)

Hot foot soak to help with relaxation and digestion

Incorporating daily healthy smoothie into your diet, with super food ingredients. Great for upping nutrition and fibre in your diet.

Include a healthy lean source of protein in every meal (to help support muscle maintenance which in turns promotes your body’s ability to burn more calories whilst resting)

Swap/include herbal teas with beneficial properties e.g green tea (antioxidant) dandelion leaf (detoxification) chamomile (calming and anti-inflammatory)

Morning and evening skin care routines (including cleanse, tone and moisturise)

Enzymatic exfoliation (think aha’s, gylcolics and fruit acids)

Regular facial masks and hair masks (inexpensive ways to achieve this is to use ingredients from your kitchen and make your own).

Including an eye cream and serum to your beauty routine

Beauty oils for hair and skin

Use of hand cream throughout the day

Deep intensive hand and foot cream at night

Monthly at home pamper session

In Salon treatments, tailored to one’s budget (aiming for minimum of 4x year)

51%+ raw fruits and vegetables into diet

Portion control, food variety

Hiit exercise 5x a week

Daily hidden exercise 20 squat jumps while kettle boils burpees at any free second.

Juice fast 4x per year 3 day for detox and palette reset helps rebalance salt and sugar consumption


Massage for stress relief


Fresh air daily minimum 15 minutes

Chinese massage and acupuncture

Essential oils (frankincense and carrot seed oil have amazing anti-aging properties)

Beauty for me is more about reflecting beautiful insides, if your skin is glowing it is indicative of a healthful diet. If your smile is genuine and frequent this is attributed to a happy life and mindset. Muscles and a fit physic are fore runners of bone strength, and good posture. You get the idea. All of these habitual processes result in a healthy lifestyle that is interchangeable with antiaging, take care of your body and it will take care of you. Antiaging really should be renamed to pro-youth a positive reversal of the concept.

It’s about balance, what’s important to you and a holistic approach to life, healthful in all aspects. Working towards a greater happiness and enjoyment, stronger resilience, and better equip to deal with emotional turbulence and life’s unruliness.

If you have your basics and foundations set in a healthy way, makeup and fashion will be effortless. You can wear minimal makeup and look fantastic, but retrospectively you can wear a lot of makeup and your clear skin will only enhance it. You can wear the latest fashions with ease as your body contours can work with most styles, however you can also wear very minimalistic and basic fashion and still look put together and chic.

It, in my opinion, is never a bad thing to take care of yourself!

As always enjoy! Love,Blossom xo


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