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Nivea Post Shave Balm Sensitive Review

Nivea Post Shave Balm Sensitive Review

Thanks to Nikki Tutorials, an amazing makeup and beauty guru who can be found in YouTube land, has brought to light the cheapest most amazing primer. Although I got some funny looks from my partner when I received my online order from Priceline, and amongst the makeup and other female orientated goodies was none other than Nivea for men Post Shave Balm in sensitive, and had to steal back the product because he assumed I had bought it for him! No quite the contrary, I bought it for me, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with such an unusual product to find its way into the makeup bags and drawers of makeup junkies everywhere.

Does it work? Essentially yes it does, this diamond in the rough find actually makes an incredible primer. When applied correctly, onto a well moisturised skin and worked into the skin until the product becomes tacky the longevity of your foundation is greatly increased.

My Experience
My skin is what you would call combination skin, oily t-zone and normal to dry everywhere else. So I was really pleased to see this primer worked on my skin type, although I must admit I did see a longer lasting result when I set my foundation to when I didn’t, but that being said I still had a longer wear time with my foundation when using the Post Shave Balm to when I haven’t. Compared to other primers, I think what the biggest stand is out is the price; the post shave balm gives you a more hydrated look without either being dewy or matte. And on a superficial note, I really love the packaging, its contained in a glass bottle and is clean and minimalistic, my eye is always drawn and attracted to white, so I was definitely won over in that department.

The Good and Not So Good
I am not going to lie, it smells like a man on your face for the entire time you are applying your makeup, but the scent does fade away, and for a product that is fragranced it is still really great for sensitive skin, which I myself have and experienced no sensitisation or irritation as well as no breakouts from the product. Nivea’s Post shave balm is actually a really nice moisturiser and it has some amazing benefits for the skin, something I noticed after prepping my skin for the day, including the post shave balm, and then getting caught up in the days chaos and not getting a chance to apply my makeup, noticed that my skin felt really silky smooth and looked visibly less red and splotchy and more hydrated and plump.

Buy or Bye?
As with any purchase it will always depend on your wants and needs, however I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting longevity in there makeup, for improved skin hydration and tone, or anyone looking into adding a primer to their beauty routine that is affordable.

Will you be giving this weird new beauty hack a go? As always, hope you enjoy.
Love,Blossom xo


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