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The thing that has captured my attention the most when it comes to minimalism is the unexpected benefits and new way of thinking it inspires towards every aspect of your life. Whilst for some the idea of de-cluttering sends a soul shaking fear vibrating through their bones, for me it is an incredible de-stressor, and something that I get a lot of satisfaction out of.

The immediate benefits of de-cluttering are;

Aesthetically pleasing environment nothing beats coming home to a beautiful space, thoughtfully put together, where you can instantly relax. Time efficiency both in locating and putting away items, less time is spent being frustrated because you’ve lost an item in the mounds of clutter you have collected, which means more time can be spent doing things that are meaningful to you, such as reading or enjoying time with friends and family. Clears your mind your eye is naturally inclined to search out clear and beautiful spaces, so when your benches, floors and bed are clear it has a calming and clearing effect on your mind. Many who have studied for an important exam can attest to this, it’s not procrastination that has you cleaning your room instead of studying; it is an innate impulse to clear your space so that you can think more clearly.

minimalism collage

Of course there are long term benefits to adopting a more minimalistic lifestyle, such as greater appreciation and satisfaction from your belongings and environment, a healthier approach to consumerism which results is better financial decisions and encourages you to consider the quality and purpose of the items you purchase, and of course contentedness in all things, your environment. Your approach to life, when simplified, brings on new meaning and allows your mind to discover new hobbies, interests and contemplation rather than being consumed with your next purchase and the one after that.

My current minimalism project is adopting a makeup capsule, a fantastic concept very similar to the capsule wardrobe, but of course with makeup, and is absolutely perfect for those like myself torn between minimalism and a beauty addiction. Now whilst I have purged and reconsidered my makeup collection I am never, unfortunately, going to be content with a makeup-bag-sized makeup collection, and still like to indulge on occasions on new beauty products. This is one of the great things about minimalism, that it is completely customisable to your desires, whether they be to own next to nothing or just less than you currently do, there are no hard and fast rules as to the number of things you should own, rather it’s an attitude towards those things and how they add or subtract value and importance in your life.


The Makeup Capsule

The idea is to have out only a small amount of makeup, for the most part I like to limit it to one of each product I regularly use and change it up seasonally. By this I am able to streamline my getting ready time in the morning, very important for a busy mum of three little ones, perfect and refine my go to and signature makeup looks, encourage creativity in use and functionality of my makeup and most importantly actually use and enjoy my makeup. Instead of being over whelmed by all the choices I am able to really consider my makeup application and what colours will complement each other, it is also for me anyways, really enjoyable researching what seasonal makeup look I want to try and emulate and gives me a challenge putting together a small and concise makeup collection to be used for that season, and the excitement of changing it up for the next.

What’s in my current Makeup Capsule.

makeup capsule 2.jpg makeup capsule.jpg

Let’s talk storage I believe that makeup is an indulgent luxury perfect for the creative, artistic and individual inside us, and if loved and worn should be displayed beautifully on your vanity. This is a much more achievable idea, if you are adopting the capsule makeup and for this reason I love the concept of the muji drawers.

muji drawers -

A very popular makeup organisation piece donned by thousands of beauty and makeup enthusiasts everywhere, but these Japanese made, clear acrylic draws come with quite a hefty price tag. Good news however is that I have found an almost perfect alternative for those of you who live in Australia. The affordable alternative can be found from none other than office works, and compared to other acrylic draw alternatives is the best in quality and closest design wise as Muji draws themselves. They are of similar size, and the draws have the same handles and opening mechanisms, the only difference is that there is only one draw size which is deeper than the typical Muji draws, however I find this a good thing as I am able to fit some of my larger beauty items with ease. Another nice feature of these draws, which come in both single and double draw options, is that they are stackable. So configurations can be somewhat customisable to your storage and organisational needs.

I really hope you enjoy todays post and encourage you to try de-cluttering your make-up collection and trying out a capsule makeup collection for the remainder of the season.

Happy reading and Best wishes,

Blossom xo

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