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Go to YouTubers | Style, Beauty and Minimalism

Youtubers.jpgWhen it comes to relaxation, guilty pleasures and just in general how we like to spend our down time, everyone is different and so are our preferences. Some people love a glass of wine at the end of the day to take the edge off; others like Yoga, there are those who thrive off of a good book and those that are recharged from being social. However there is one way that the majority of us like to overindulge in when it comes to how we send our much earned free time. Media! Social media, video content, music there is so much variety out there, and one of the most popular ways to get your media fix is through streaming companies such as Netflix or my personal favourite, YouTube.

Being somewhat of a YouTube addict, to the point of having to monitor my consumption so that I don’t completely waste and entire Weekend fixated on the latest buzzfeed videos of beauty guru uploads, has led me to discover some really amazing YouTubers. Most of these Youtubers have made Youtube their career and consistently put out incredibly well produce content that is of very high quality, and I thought today that I would share with you some of my discoveries. Some are well known others not so much, either way I hope you find something new and support their hard work!

Jaime Paige beauty

Basically an encyclopaedia of knowledge and tutorials to help refine your beauty skills and ultimately help guide you to make the right purchase decision at the beauty counter. Whilst I will never collect or own the amount of beauty products this girl owns nor do I want to, as I prefer to be more minimalistic in my beauty and lifestyle choices, you can’t deny what an amazing resource her channel is. Her frankness and honesty about beauty products helps me to avoid making bad purchases that I will later regret. Her channel Includes, beauty, makeup tutorials and lots and lots of reviews.

Mimi Ikon & Alex Ikon

This amazing and incredibly inspirational couple are currently expecting their first baby, and have some great pregnancy related videos, although most of the videos are inspirational they also include travel, style, beauty and vlogs. Mimi focusing more on beauty and style, and Alex more on Productivity and business savvy that is very inspiring.


With her long silver locks, and slight obsession with fashion and labels, this little lady has an incredibly sophisticated style, and gives really great advice on both fashion and beauty related topics. Her editing of her hauls is very well done and makes it seem more like you’re hanging out with a friend trying on clothes and having a girly chat.

Karissa Pukas

Probably my all-time favourite YouTuber, she is incredibly down to earth, very open and just an all-round cool chick! I love her videos which err on the side of healthy living but in a very urban and realistic way that is completely organic to her personality, a must watch if you haven’t already, she features, travel, vlogs, beauty, health related topics, fashion, hauls and other random fun.


Another beauty Youtuber, who when shows up in my feed I have an incontrollable response where I have to click on her video and watch. I absolutely love her wardrobe capsule videos, and simple beauty routines, she is more of a lifestyle channel in my opinion than beauty but still heavy on beauty and style content. I love her decluttering and minimalism videos, and of course amazing style which is quite similar to my own.

Megan Ellaby

Somewhat of a newer find, has a really cool personality and quirky unique style to match, she features style and fashions, incorporating look books and travel diaries as well as tips and advice. I can’t wait to really dive into her channel and explore more of her content, I love her style, although not what I would wear, but definitely something I admire. I find it inspires me to be more creative and original with my own wardrobe and fashion choices.

Lydia Elise Millen

I absolutely love this girls style, she has incredible taste and includes lots of haul for fashion inspiration. Although her taste tends to lean on the side of high end and designer labels, something I wouldn’t buy a lot of but like to work towards a minimalistic wardrobe of high quality (not necessarily designer), although give me a Chanel bag any day and I would be a very very happy girl. She includes makeup tutorials, look books, and travel vlogs, she has a very uplifting and happy-go lucky personality and is really enjoyable to watch.


Yay! An Aussie, so of course I have to support her, she focuses mainly on finances being a financial consultant by trade, but also includes minimalism and inspirational content. She is a single mother of one to an adorable little man called Rocco who sometimes makes appearances in her videos. SugarMamaTV really focuses in on empowering and inspiring women, especially when it comes to taking control of your finances and making smart money decisions in life so you can afford the finer thing like a Chanel handbag.


Leaf, which creatively curated stands for Living Eating and Fashion, is all about quick 2 minutes or less, well produced videos that are as the title suggests all about food, style and lifestyle, so topics such as health, productivity and inspiration are covered. It’s not as personal a channel as other, where the person really opens up, however the content is really helpful and has a very sophisticated and stylish feel to everything that they do, even if it is whipping up a summer cocktail or just tips on how to start your day right.

Femme Head

Really this channel is only for women, as it’s all about your period and menstrual cycle, done without feeling like a primary school sex education lesson. She also features, on occasion, videos about minimalism, decluttering and productivity. Maybe not the most obvious choice of video to watch, but I really admire her mission in inspiring women to become more aware of their bodies and sexual health and promote living life without excess and enjoying the little things in life.

Claire Marshall

Another super cool girl, with what I think is the best attention to creative and inspired content, whatever the message she is conveying she does it in such a tasteful and entertaining way. She has the most adorable cat that makes many appearances in her videos, I find her channel to be really inspiring on a creative level, and find her honesty towards reviews, and makeup favourites very refreshing. Her channel includes style, vlogs beauty and lifestyle.

Anna Akana

Hilarious, creative, and just plain real, she again has shorter videos, which generally relate to self-help and comedic topics done in such an entertaining way, where she plays all the characters and adds in special affects for our viewing pleasure. She also features short films that she produces and stars in that are thought provoking and always entertaining to watch, definitely a channel to binge watch.

Ingrid Neilson

If you regularly watch YouTube and don’t know who this YouTuber is, than quite frankly you have been living under a rock. Now I did question putting her in my list, simply because she has so many followers and views, but I just adore her and the quality of her videos, especially her more recent videos where she has really come into her own and because of this the content and creativity of her videos has surpassed my expectations of the average beauty Youtuber. Including videos such as; morning routines, style, inspiration, makeup routines, and videos that encourage and inspire viewers to be more authentic and original.

Bonny Rebecca

Now Whilst I’m not a Vegan, this girl certainly inspires me in that direction, she has created an amazing YouTube channel that is solely based on the vegan message, but also included travel and vlogs. Now I personally don’t believe you need to be a vegan to appreciate and enjoy this channel. This girl has a really uplifting and positive vibe about her and for me personally, inspires me to really get out there in life and make the most of everything we have been given.

My interest are more varied than your typical beauty enthusiast, I think it is really important to be open minded, seek out new and different opinions, to really challenge and refine your own beliefs. This allows you to walk more circumspectly through life and enjoy everything this world has to offer. I really do hope you check out some if not all of these amazing channels, and get a better insight of me through viewing what sparks my interest.

So there you have it, as always hope you Enjoy, until next time. Love,

Blossom xo


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