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How to Get Shit Done and Achieve Goals

“It’s in the little things… How small goals help you reach the big ones.”

So I recently came up with yet another list, in the midst of what can only be described as a personal shit storm, being completely out of action after not only getting my wisdom teeth out but also spraining my ankle and a myriad of coughs, colds and bugs, in which I found motivation from my lack of motivation, mobility and in general chaotic messy and unorganised surroundings.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly making lists, and dream boards, and more lists and I say things like ‘when’ and ‘if’ yet never really feeling like I achieve let alone complete anything. I figured it’s time to stop wish and wanting and lusting after what others have and just get shit done for myself. Because if not now, when?

So I made one more list… 

My Everyday List!

A list of all the little things I aim to do every day, all the small and insignificant things we promise ourselves we’ll be better at like making the bed or drinking more water. I wrote them all down so that this list will serve as a prompt that’ll remind you of all the things you wish to achieve, taking the burden away from trying to remember everything and freeing up your mind, whether it be purely for more clarity and peace or even to increase productivity.

Make note when going about your day to not be so strict on yourself for example if exercise is one of your list items don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to overachieve and do an hour every day of a gruelling workout. Be just as proud of yourself for doing 20 squats a few push-ups and sit-ups or a 4 minute HIIT workout as you are an intense weights session or mega plyometric cardio workout like insanity by Shaun-T. The point is to create routines, because routines lead to habit, which leads to character which eventually leads to success in achieving your goals first small then big.

The idea is consistency, and the mantra to embed is to be kind to your-self. Otherwise how will you enjoy your success if you’re completely exhausted, you’ll set yourself up for a burnout which can then undo all your hard work as you’ll need significantly more rest and recovery than in you were more strategic in your approach which WILL set you back, or even mean having to start all over again. Remember work smarter not harder.

So make a list of all the things you want to achieve! My list has 20 things on it, which may seem overwhelming but when some of the items are as simple and unspecific as drinking more water or 15 minutes dedicated to just decluttering. Remember we’re forming new habits, consistency trumps perfection every time and something is always better than nothing. Over time not only will you improve things in your life that you value such as better health, a tidier more organised home or better work productivity, but you’ll also be developing mental stamina and evidence that it really is as simple as Nike famous slogan “Just Do it”

So what’s on your list? I’d love to hear from you!

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