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Sangria on Sundays | The Importance of Hard Work and Rest

All week long we hustle, we lead as a society very hectic lives filled to the brim with appointment after appointment, schedules so filled we can’t juggle our responsibilities. And whilst I whole-heartedly believe in balance and making time for rest and restoration of soul, I also wanted to emphasise how import I think it is for us to feel busy, to feel needed and important. I believe it gives us purpose and drive to have a week full of accomplishments especially when viewed in retrospect. Rest is so much sweeter when our bones are tired, when our minds are in need of content download, being so over whelmed from our week lived. I believe this is much more superior to having a week filled with little or no passion, no chaos. For me I like to adopt the mantra Sangria on Sundays, a saying used to serve as a reminder to relax and take time for yourself, not for the purpose of self-improvement but rather to do nothing, because sometimes nothing is good for the soul. Like it’s good for a child’s imagination and creativity for that child to endure boredom. So is rest and nothingness good for our productivity and inspiration. As human beings we need balance, but don’t be fooled into thinking that balance is 50/50. No balance will look different to every one. The point of balance is to ease tension in our souls and deliver us to live our best lives by means of utilising what we really have to offer and what the world has to offer us. So take time for yourself, rest, but come Monday morning get up get going and achieve, your heart and soul will thank you for it at the ends of a long life fully lived and fully appreciated.

What are your goals? And how do you like to chill on Sundays, I’d love to hear from you?

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