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Get To Know Me | Childhood Memories, Boyfriends & Food

So I thought I would share my latest video that I have posted on YouTube which is a get to know me video. And as an extra bonus I also wanted to share some extra little things about myself here on my Blog. I love these get to know me type tags, as it allows you to, in a sense, find out some little random details about yourself that you either never had the chance to really think about or would have otherwise gone unnoticed even by you.

So here are some more random things about me that you may or may not want to know!

My first Pet was Murdered
My first pet, will forever be my one and only true love, my parents adopted a blue healer puppy before  I was even thought of, so I essentially grew up with him. His name was Charlie and he had the most beautiful nature, at one point in time I can even recall he had a pet of his own. Some random bunny rabbit just started hanging around with him and they were the best of buds. The saddest and most incredibly horrible memory from my time with him was that a friend accidentally left the gate open and we later found out some incredibly heartless teen boys pushed my beloved pet into a pool of water that had gather in a construction site and drowned him even going as far to throw stones at him. we were informed by some passersby and locals of the area of what had happened and it still makes me sick and angry to this day. 

I have the worst luck with hairdressers
I don’t know if it is bad luck, coincidence or just simply something about my personality and appearance that warrants me time after time to get bad haircuts. I’ve had everything from red and yellow streaks, a rocker mullet and bleached and fried locks, now of which was what I was hopping for.

When I was little  I cried because I was completely devastated that I couldn’t be Ariel from the little mermaid. 

When I was younger my dream job was to be either a choreographer or a public servant, I have achieved on of these careers (even if it was just for a brief time)

And lucky last, I am a super sensitive person at time I would even go as far as to say I can be somewhat of an empath, something I consider both a blessing and a curse.

Hopefully you found these extra random facts somewhat interesting. I’d love to know in the comments something cool and random about you.





  1. I know… I had a pet called Popaou, the female of Popeye and she had a similar fate. She was paralyzed age 13 when the vet hit her on the head with the boot of the car….we had no baskets then. My dad drowned her in water when I was out. I adopt cats that look kike her since!

    • Ersie that’s so awful… it’s something that you never do forget! It really baffles me that people have it within them to do such horrible things. That’s amazing that you adopt pets now. I’d love to adopt a dog but just want to be sure that I’m in a position where I can care for them the way they deserve. Xx

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