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Christmas Wish List (Minimalist-ish)| 2017 Edition

Having spent a good couple of years really trying to minimalise and declutter my home, and detach myself as much as possible from excessively consuming and collecting, I find myself finally at a peaceful balance between two extremes. I neither want to own 108 lipsticks nor do I want to live with just a mattress and a backpack. The key to success when considering incorporating any form of minimalism is to focus on what truly matters about the movement, which funnily enough is focusing on what truly matters.  The balance I have discovered for myself when it comes to minimalism is not in depriving yourself, but rather choosing mindfully and purposefully what you really want, need and use in your life. It’s about appreciating and enjoying the things you have choosing to be content with who you are and not using things and stuff to numb or fill empty voids.

Last year I think I took minimalism to the extreme, focusing in on what I truly can live without, and presents and gits was certainly one of these things. The reality of this question, what can I truly live without; I believe is the foundation and reason why there are many people today who choose to be extreme minimalist with very little belongings. When I ask myself do I really need these, on a basic survival level, no, I do not need so so many things, but when I strip my belongings down to the bones, the real essentials, I find I feel very deprived and restricted it creates a vulnerability in me that affects myself confidence and how I go about my every day, things I do, places I go and people I see. This realisation lead me to discover that it is okay to ‘have stuff’ it is also okay to ‘like things and stuff’, and to consume products just with a different perspective that is more mindful and appreciative.

So this Christmas with what I believe to be a much healthier mindset and personal take on minimalism I thought I would share with you what is on my Christmas Wish List.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

This has been on my list ever since it was realised earlier in the year, having already two palettes form Urban Decay I can attest to their quality, however this was also a reason for holding off on purchasing. However after swatching the colours and comparing to the colours within my current collection, I am still stuck on this palette and would love to switch up my makeup looks for the warmer months with this beautiful palette.

Upside Down Moon Necklace from Etsy

I really can’t remember the last time I purchased any jewellery, I got really fed up with all of my costume jewellery tarnishing, and just couldn’t keep justifying repurchasing cheap quality items that really weren’t going to last me very long. I’ve found a few listing on Etsy that are completely stunning but this one really caught my eye with its delicate and simple design, perfect for to be worn as an everyday staple.

Vanessa Megan Perfume mini gift set

Since going Vegan 6 months ago, I have stumbled across a few items that once finished have really left me confused as to what to purchase as a vegan alternative. I’ve tried a few natural vegan perfumes but find there isn’t really the chance to smell them in person and usually end up with a scent that reads beautiful but on my skin just really is not a smell that I would have gravitated towards had I smelt it in person first. So after reading review after review I thought Vanessa Megan seemed like a well-loved brand, not to mention they have a mini sample pack that I can test a few fragrances at once time.

Inhale Exhale prints from Etsy

So there is a bare wall in my bedroom that is in desperate need of some art work, and after having a looking around i stumbled across these prints on Etsy and thought they convey a very simplistic and appropriate message that was perfect to hang in my bedroom. I’m on a sort of mission to make the space in my bedroom a very calming and inviting space, considering my life and the rest of my house can get quite chaotic at times, the idea of creating a space that is just for me (and i guess my partner too) where i can relax and enjoy knowing it won’t get destroyed by children’s cheeky, sticky inquisitive little fingers sounds like a perfect Christmas Gift to myself.

Whats on your list this year? I’d love to hear from you…






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