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Christmas Decor Inspiration

Today I wanted to share with you some Christmas Tree and Christmas Decor Inspiration. I’ve been struggling a little since having my children and having the whole dynamic of Christmas change, to enjoy holiday season. Now whilst I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my kids and all that entails; With Santa, little Christmas traditions, Presents in the stocking, I did notice that in the process of trying to recreate the magic of Christmas I enjoyed as a child with my own children, I sort of lost my interest and love of Christmas. Too Much emphasis was placed on the children, even to the point where I stopped getting presents for myself and my partner for Christmas, and what essentially happened was I turned in to a mean green Mummy Grinch, so my solution this year to reclaim my love and enjoyment for Christmas was to Decorate my tree, a very spindly neglected and un-thought of Christmas presence that had become quite drab and very un-festive.

Now its not about having the most beautiful tree, or the most exquisite and expensive decorations, but rather the feeling that is evoked by its presence. After all Christmas is for everyone, It is just as much for the kids as it is for mum and dad. What I discovered this year was that the effort and time we put into not only decorating the tree but the whole process of making a big deal about decorating the tree, i’m talking carols in the background, Full on Christmas mode, we even made a Vegan Christmas dinner to accompany what we turned into a night of Christmas fun, which we followed up by watching one of my favourite Christmas movies, The Polar Express. I’m Really glad I dedicated some time to spend with my family to put up our Christmas Tree, and really put some Love and effort into, because it turned out to be a really beautiful bonding night spent with my lovely family, after all that’s what Christmas is about, spending time with loved ones.

Here is my favourite Pinterest inspired Christmas Decor

I thought I would Share My YouTube Video of my family putting up our tree, so you can see how we used the inspiration to create our own little Christmas Tree. I’d Love to hear from you! What is your Christmas theme this year? And how has Christmas changed for you if you have children?

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