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Mask Diaries | Avocado, Turmeric + Green tea

Homemade masks are just fabulous and have been a somewhat recently forgotten staple in my beauty regime. I am very much h in the depths of a life and beauty makeover, that being geared towards more minimal natural, vegan* and organic with a huge enhance on non-toxic, eco-friendly and healthy. I’ve really gotten back into the swing of making some of my own products, my favourite being face masks, I love creating recipes on the fly with all their wonderful smells, colours these vibrant concoctions are not be underestimated, they have amazing benefits on the skin and really make a difference. Whilst I can admit some homemade products are not my cup of tea, enter baking soda + ACV shampoo and DIY mascara, there are a lot of amazing products that works just as well if not better than their expensive toxin riddle counterparts. So with that being said I thought I would share some of my mad, and wonderful mask concoctions, which I like to apply once a week, usually from ingredients from my kitchen, however I am looking into essential oils, and I thought I would share my recipes as a series every week, in a very casual non recipe way, so as to encourage you to be inspired and create your own versions.

Avocado Turmeric and Green Tea Mask

Day: Wednesday 24th January
Mood: Exhausted, Sad, Lack Lustre
Skin: breakouts on chin, excess oil, dull complexion, dehydrated.

Intentions: having had a bad day emotionally, I am feeling a little tired and weathered, with a few annoying breakouts, so wanted to choose ingredients that had anti-ageing and stimulating effects, so focusing on antioxidant and moisture rich ingredients this is what I came up with.

Avocado anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, hydrating and softening.
Turmeric Powder anti-inflammatory, reduces pores, aids breakouts, calming
Match Green Tea Powder anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, anti-aging
Cinnamon acne, breakouts, soothes dry skin, anti-aging, stimulating
Manuka Honey*anti-bacterial, healing, soothing, softening, hydrating, anti-inflammatory
Red Moroccan Clay absorb excess oil, purifying, strengthening, brightening, ideal for sensitive skins

*It is my personal belief that no one personally can really claim they are 100% Vegan, I am a new vegan, and though personal and ongoing research towards honey, have not yet come to a conclusion on whether I will continue to use honey or not.

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