First off, I find compressing my life and achievements into a couple of paragraphs a little intimidating and believe it gives you, the reader, an unrealistic representation of myself. I’m not here to try and impress you with a CV of padded out accomplishments, as if it were for a job interview, but rather to build a community of like minded people. My purpose here originates from a place of wanting to share my knowledge and have my thoughts heard, to teach, inspire and to learn from you as well. I’d rather you get to know me as a friend would, so in the spirit of friendship here are some random facts about me.

I left a well paid job in the Australian Public Service to pursue my interests in Beauty which resulted in my completing a Diploma in Beauty Therapies and working as a Beauty Therapist.

I am a very empathetic person, which means I struggle to watch the News without crying.

I have three beautiful children, Mason born May 2012, Rose born December 2013 and Little Noah born July 2015. So yes, my life can be a little chaotic, but I like to think of it as a beautiful mess!

I always dream at night.

I refuse to watch scary movies and TV shows, because I am still haunted by scary images from watching too many as a kid and find it makes me a little scared of the dark.

I really, really like the colour grey.

I have a small collection of movies that I watch on repeat, like 50 million times over. Some of which titles include, Juile and Julia, The Devil Wears Prada, A Good Year, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Letters to Juliet.

I’ve known my best friend since primary school, so over 15 years. We call each other B1 and B2 referenced from the kids show Bananas in Pajamas due to their catch phrase “Are you thinking what I’m think B1”, “I think I Am B2”.

I was born March 13th of 1990, which makes me a Pisces and unphased by negative connotations regarding the number 13.

I used to compete in ballroom dancing in all three styles; Latin, Standard and New Vouge. I also meet my now fiancé through dancing as he was my dance partner.

I love to oragnise, but not clean. I’m my opinion these are two very different things.

My travel goals include seeing most of the world, particularly Europe and Asia.

My passions include Beauty (obviously), so makeup, hair, fashion and the likes along with dancing, nearly anything creative, healthy wholistic living, cooking and my family.

hopefully this gives you a little insight into my life and loves.

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