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Master Bedroom Restyle | French Provincial Mood Board

So I am in the process of redesigning my master bedroom to try and create a more cohesive and stylised space that really reflects my style and ultimate purpose and mood for that room. Seeing that I have a few little ones running around (destroying my house and cleaning efforts on the daily) I thought it would be wise to focus my creative efforts and cleanliness on a room that will be appreciated and stay well let’s be honest here clean the longest!

So this process has seen me not only, buy a duster, Google how to use a duster and then go hence forth and dust, but really I have given the room a through clean and declutter! My next step, which is where you guys are joining me, is in creating a mood board for the overall look I want for the space.

Please raise your hand (or comment :P) is you are just as guilty as me when it comes to following décor, and home interior trends, which may or may not fit your true aesthetic, just because we get carried away in all the beautiful images and stylised homes that seem to fill Pinterest and instagram (depending on who you follow). Today it seems that home décor has become trend paced and as disposable and irrelevant in a weeks’ time as fast fashions seems to be. Kmart I’m looking at you, and your cool trendy pieces with stupidly affordable prices.

Turns out, and after approving nods of agreeance from the BFF, that I have always had an infinity and somewhat taste for French provincial interiors. So ignoring all the trends, and going with what I truly find beautiful, and what will make my home feel luxurious, inviting and of course beautiful, here is the mood board I have come up with that I plan on using to create a new and hopefully defiantly improved master bedroom.

I should also probably note I will be incorporating pieces I already own to create this look, because you know I have three children and a mortgage, am mortal and consequently not made of money sigh!

So this is my current bed frame and side tables, purchased from focus on furniture, just for your reference of how I plan to incorporate the French provincial or let’s be honest even French country style into the pieces I already own.

And the lamps I recently purchase from target, with my theme in mind!

And this is what I am hoping to elevate my style towards.

If you are planning a bedroom makeover, I’d love to hear about it!

Mask Diaries | Avocado, Turmeric + Green tea

Homemade masks are just fabulous and have been a somewhat recently forgotten staple in my beauty regime. I am very much h in the depths of a life and beauty makeover, that being geared towards more minimal natural, vegan* and organic with a huge enhance on non-toxic, eco-friendly and healthy. I’ve really gotten back into the swing of making some of my own products, my favourite being face masks, I love creating recipes on the fly with all their wonderful smells, colours these vibrant concoctions are not be underestimated, they have amazing benefits on the skin and really make a difference. Whilst I can admit some homemade products are not my cup of tea, enter baking soda + ACV shampoo and DIY mascara, there are a lot of amazing products that works just as well if not better than their expensive toxin riddle counterparts. So with that being said I thought I would share some of my mad, and wonderful mask concoctions, which I like to apply once a week, usually from ingredients from my kitchen, however I am looking into essential oils, and I thought I would share my recipes as a series every week, in a very casual non recipe way, so as to encourage you to be inspired and create your own versions.

Avocado Turmeric and Green Tea Mask

Day: Wednesday 24th January
Mood: Exhausted, Sad, Lack Lustre
Skin: breakouts on chin, excess oil, dull complexion, dehydrated.

Intentions: having had a bad day emotionally, I am feeling a little tired and weathered, with a few annoying breakouts, so wanted to choose ingredients that had anti-ageing and stimulating effects, so focusing on antioxidant and moisture rich ingredients this is what I came up with.

Avocado anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, hydrating and softening.
Turmeric Powder anti-inflammatory, reduces pores, aids breakouts, calming
Match Green Tea Powder anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, anti-aging
Cinnamon acne, breakouts, soothes dry skin, anti-aging, stimulating
Manuka Honey*anti-bacterial, healing, soothing, softening, hydrating, anti-inflammatory
Red Moroccan Clay absorb excess oil, purifying, strengthening, brightening, ideal for sensitive skins

*It is my personal belief that no one personally can really claim they are 100% Vegan, I am a new vegan, and though personal and ongoing research towards honey, have not yet come to a conclusion on whether I will continue to use honey or not.

Goals and Aspirations for 2018 | Health, Finances + Adventures

So I made a video last week (live on my YouTube channel now if you’re interested in checking it out, links will be below) in which the main theme was my goals and aspirations for 2018. Similar to new year’s resolutions, my aim for this year is to focus on 3 particular themes, which in my case is health, finances and adventures, setting more specific goals and aspirations around my three main focuses for the year with more thoughtful intention.

Last year was not the best year for me, with quite a lot of health issues being a prominent part of the year, both mental and physical, so I was very ready to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the New Year. My first, and for me, most important theme is my mental and physical health. I really want to focus on creating balance, peace, joy and energy through means of eating a healthy diet, which to me is a whole foods plant based diet, incorporating different types of exercise, particularly Yoga, HIIT and strength training.

My second theme of focus is my finances, being a one income family; some extra thought needs to go in to budgeting and consideration made on what is really important to us as a family. I would like to develop a better system for money management, as well as look into alternative solutions such as minimalism, consuming less, and making money in alternative ways with the intensions of creating a better savings account and to fund more family adventures and experiences. I also want to explore ways in which to change my attitude towards money, through means of positive mindsets and reading more books on the topic.

Photo by Jessica Lewis 

And lastly, my third theme is focusing on adventure, both by having more adventures, travelling and getting outdoors more. But also through being more adventurous in how I go about my life, taking on more challenges, being more courageous and being open to new ideas and opportunities.

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani

My intention isn’t to sit here and start the year by saying 2018 is going to be ‘My Year’ or even ‘My Best Year’, because I think there is too much pressure in such a statement. Rather my themes are there to remind me to be more proactive in going after the things I value and ultimately lead to a more contended joyful life. The idea is to grow every year, and every year new themes should be set, or further explored. So this is where my head is at for the year, and I hope and planned to make real strides in each category.



What are some themes that you are focusing on this year? I’d love to hear about them.


Christmas Decor Inspiration

Today I wanted to share with you some Christmas Tree and Christmas Decor Inspiration. I’ve been struggling a little since having my children and having the whole dynamic of Christmas change, to enjoy holiday season. Now whilst I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my kids and all that entails; With Santa, little Christmas traditions, Presents in the stocking, I did notice that in the process of trying to recreate the magic of Christmas I enjoyed as a child with my own children, I sort of lost my interest and love of Christmas. Too Much emphasis was placed on the children, even to the point where I stopped getting presents for myself and my partner for Christmas, and what essentially happened was I turned in to a mean green Mummy Grinch, so my solution this year to reclaim my love and enjoyment for Christmas was to Decorate my tree, a very spindly neglected and un-thought of Christmas presence that had become quite drab and very un-festive.

Now its not about having the most beautiful tree, or the most exquisite and expensive decorations, but rather the feeling that is evoked by its presence. After all Christmas is for everyone, It is just as much for the kids as it is for mum and dad. What I discovered this year was that the effort and time we put into not only decorating the tree but the whole process of making a big deal about decorating the tree, i’m talking carols in the background, Full on Christmas mode, we even made a Vegan Christmas dinner to accompany what we turned into a night of Christmas fun, which we followed up by watching one of my favourite Christmas movies, The Polar Express. I’m Really glad I dedicated some time to spend with my family to put up our Christmas Tree, and really put some Love and effort into, because it turned out to be a really beautiful bonding night spent with my lovely family, after all that’s what Christmas is about, spending time with loved ones.

Here is my favourite Pinterest inspired Christmas Decor

I thought I would Share My YouTube Video of my family putting up our tree, so you can see how we used the inspiration to create our own little Christmas Tree. I’d Love to hear from you! What is your Christmas theme this year? And how has Christmas changed for you if you have children?

Christmas Wish List (Minimalist-ish)| 2017 Edition

Having spent a good couple of years really trying to minimalise and declutter my home, and detach myself as much as possible from excessively consuming and collecting, I find myself finally at a peaceful balance between two extremes. I neither want to own 108 lipsticks nor do I want to live with just a mattress and a backpack. The key to success when considering incorporating any form of minimalism is to focus on what truly matters about the movement, which funnily enough is focusing on what truly matters.  The balance I have discovered for myself when it comes to minimalism is not in depriving yourself, but rather choosing mindfully and purposefully what you really want, need and use in your life. It’s about appreciating and enjoying the things you have choosing to be content with who you are and not using things and stuff to numb or fill empty voids.

Last year I think I took minimalism to the extreme, focusing in on what I truly can live without, and presents and gits was certainly one of these things. The reality of this question, what can I truly live without; I believe is the foundation and reason why there are many people today who choose to be extreme minimalist with very little belongings. When I ask myself do I really need these, on a basic survival level, no, I do not need so so many things, but when I strip my belongings down to the bones, the real essentials, I find I feel very deprived and restricted it creates a vulnerability in me that affects myself confidence and how I go about my every day, things I do, places I go and people I see. This realisation lead me to discover that it is okay to ‘have stuff’ it is also okay to ‘like things and stuff’, and to consume products just with a different perspective that is more mindful and appreciative.

So this Christmas with what I believe to be a much healthier mindset and personal take on minimalism I thought I would share with you what is on my Christmas Wish List.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

This has been on my list ever since it was realised earlier in the year, having already two palettes form Urban Decay I can attest to their quality, however this was also a reason for holding off on purchasing. However after swatching the colours and comparing to the colours within my current collection, I am still stuck on this palette and would love to switch up my makeup looks for the warmer months with this beautiful palette.

Upside Down Moon Necklace from Etsy

I really can’t remember the last time I purchased any jewellery, I got really fed up with all of my costume jewellery tarnishing, and just couldn’t keep justifying repurchasing cheap quality items that really weren’t going to last me very long. I’ve found a few listing on Etsy that are completely stunning but this one really caught my eye with its delicate and simple design, perfect for to be worn as an everyday staple.

Vanessa Megan Perfume mini gift set

Since going Vegan 6 months ago, I have stumbled across a few items that once finished have really left me confused as to what to purchase as a vegan alternative. I’ve tried a few natural vegan perfumes but find there isn’t really the chance to smell them in person and usually end up with a scent that reads beautiful but on my skin just really is not a smell that I would have gravitated towards had I smelt it in person first. So after reading review after review I thought Vanessa Megan seemed like a well-loved brand, not to mention they have a mini sample pack that I can test a few fragrances at once time.

Inhale Exhale prints from Etsy

So there is a bare wall in my bedroom that is in desperate need of some art work, and after having a looking around i stumbled across these prints on Etsy and thought they convey a very simplistic and appropriate message that was perfect to hang in my bedroom. I’m on a sort of mission to make the space in my bedroom a very calming and inviting space, considering my life and the rest of my house can get quite chaotic at times, the idea of creating a space that is just for me (and i guess my partner too) where i can relax and enjoy knowing it won’t get destroyed by children’s cheeky, sticky inquisitive little fingers sounds like a perfect Christmas Gift to myself.

Whats on your list this year? I’d love to hear from you…





Get To Know Me | Childhood Memories, Boyfriends & Food

So I thought I would share my latest video that I have posted on YouTube which is a get to know me video. And as an extra bonus I also wanted to share some extra little things about myself here on my Blog. I love these get to know me type tags, as it allows you to, in a sense, find out some little random details about yourself that you either never had the chance to really think about or would have otherwise gone unnoticed even by you.

So here are some more random things about me that you may or may not want to know!

My first Pet was Murdered
My first pet, will forever be my one and only true love, my parents adopted a blue healer puppy before  I was even thought of, so I essentially grew up with him. His name was Charlie and he had the most beautiful nature, at one point in time I can even recall he had a pet of his own. Some random bunny rabbit just started hanging around with him and they were the best of buds. The saddest and most incredibly horrible memory from my time with him was that a friend accidentally left the gate open and we later found out some incredibly heartless teen boys pushed my beloved pet into a pool of water that had gather in a construction site and drowned him even going as far to throw stones at him. we were informed by some passersby and locals of the area of what had happened and it still makes me sick and angry to this day. 

I have the worst luck with hairdressers
I don’t know if it is bad luck, coincidence or just simply something about my personality and appearance that warrants me time after time to get bad haircuts. I’ve had everything from red and yellow streaks, a rocker mullet and bleached and fried locks, now of which was what I was hopping for.

When I was little  I cried because I was completely devastated that I couldn’t be Ariel from the little mermaid. 

When I was younger my dream job was to be either a choreographer or a public servant, I have achieved on of these careers (even if it was just for a brief time)

And lucky last, I am a super sensitive person at time I would even go as far as to say I can be somewhat of an empath, something I consider both a blessing and a curse.

Hopefully you found these extra random facts somewhat interesting. I’d love to know in the comments something cool and random about you.




The Ordinary Skincare Review for Oily Combination Skin

The Company
The Ordinary is one of three product lines made by the company DECIM, with as the name might suggest, The Ordinary being the more affordable lower end skincare line. The skincare line has a massive point of difference from an already flooded market, that being providing products in a ‘humble and true form’ with their slogan being ‘clinical formulations with integrity’. Without exclusion, and one of my favourite aspects of the company, is that all products are free from harsh chemicals and irritants such as parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animals oils, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury, oxybenzone. The company is cruelty free and does not test on animals nor sell their products to main land china where animal testing is a requirement of sales.

My Background and Qualifications
I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist since 2009 and have worked for a variety of salons ranging from your everyday beauty treatments and relaxation based facials, to as a Laser Skin Therapist and Technician with skincare being my main focus and speciality. I have extensive training in all areas of skincare and topical treatments as well as advanced laser and clinical treatments including peels, laser resurfacing and skin consultations and management plans. Not to mention my own personal passion and continual personal development for the latest science and treatments for the purpose of skin beautification.

First Impressions
There is a lot of hype surrounding DECIM’s latest line; with I think the biggest appeal being the small price tag that comes attached to the skincare line. The Ordinary essentially being a no marketing, no frills, no fillers and minimal ingredients which have both positive and negative aspects. As a Qualified Aesthetician, with a keen interest in skincare and cosmetic pharmaceuticals, I am no stranger to the more scientific names of active ingredients found in many products on the market today. I believe the trend in beauty treatments particularly facials and skincare has become more clinical, with more active and higher dosages, and very much results driven. I love that you can really tailor your skincare by your specific skin needs, as most products usually only contain one active ingredient, and therefor can be layered to find the perfect skincare regime for your particular needs without the hefty price tag of buying several more expensive products which you may not have the means to do.

The Products
I particularly sought out these particular products for their benefits in the treatment of oily combination skin including breakouts and redness. I have been after a good quality salicylic topical treatment for some time, so finding such an affordable product is a real win.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is indicated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. A high 10% concentration of this vitamin is supported in the formula by complimentary ingredients designed to balance visible aspects of sebum activity.

PH 5.50-6.50 | Water-free | Alcohol-free | Oil-free | Silicone-free | Nut-free | Vegan | Cruelty-free

Application: Best Applied in the morning and evenings unless using any products containing Vitamin C, in which case use in the morning with the Vitamin C at night which is preferably as Vitamin C can be unstable and react with the UV-rays from the sun which can cause pigmentation on the skin.

Contraindication: This Product cannot be used with Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), as in doing so can effectively neutralise their effectiveness, the combination of these two ingredients on the skin can combine to form what’s called nicotinic acid, which can irritate the skin causing undesirable erythema otherwise known as reddening of the skin.

Pros + Cons: This is fantastic product as far as results are concerned, with my experience i have seen a noticeable difference in pore size and sebum production. There, for me personally, is some issues with the consistency of this product which can be a little tacky when apply, however is easily combated through application method. I suggest when apply this product to smooth over the skin quickly with light pressure and once the formulations begins to absorb into the skin and the texture starts becoming more viscous to change to a pressing motion rather than spreading.

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. This 2% treatment solution helps exfoliate the inside walls of pores to fight the appearance of blemishes and for better visible skin clarity with continued use. Not suited for those with impaired skin barrier or sensitive skin type.

PH 3.2-3.5 | alcohol-free | oil-free | silicone-free | nut-free | gluten-free | soy-free | vegan | cruelty-free

Application: Use Salicylic Acid straight after toning the skin and before any oil based products or emulsions, using a small amount of product apply with fingertips directly to the skin. Can be used both in the morning and evening.

Contraindication: Highly Sensitive skin types to use with caution, doing a test patch first is advisable as well as having used acids on the skin previously. Not to be used on broken or irritated skin.

Pros + Cons: Of all the products that I purchased from The Ordinary, this would have to be one of my favourites. The Consistency is the least tacky of the products i picked up, and have since incorporating this product into my skincare regime seen a noticeable difference, in a very short time, regarding pore size. I find this product does not  irritate my skin, and is very effective at clearing out my pores, especially when used in conjunction with the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. Again as far as Cons go, the texture can be a little tacky, so i suggest using a pressing motion once the consistency beings to become more viscous and harder to spread over the skin.

100% Plant Derived Squalane

Squalane is a saturated and stable hydrocarbon that is found naturally in the skin. It has very high emollience, is an exceptional hydrator and can prevent ongoing loss of hydration that impairs dermal suppleness. Squalane is non-comedogenic and is suitable for use on all skin types. It can also be applied to hair to increase heat protection, add shine and reduce breakage potential.

water-free | alcohol-free | oil-free | silicone-free | nut-free | gluten-free | vegan | cruelty-free

Application: Apply 1-3 drops to skin after water based products, can be applied both in the morning and the evening. Squalane can also be used on the hair as a heat protectant and for the purpose of added shine.

Contraindication: No non contraindications with this product.

Pros + Cons: This is a beautiful oil for the skin, with my biggest pro for this product being that this is plant derived, as traditionally squalane is extracted from the livers of sharks which is obviously less than ideal. The oil for me personally feels like a dry oil and has a very shiny appearance when applied to the skin which does not dissipate even when soaked into the skin, however the hydration and suppleness the product results in makes it well worth it. This product is beautiful when used under makeup, giving the makeup a dewy, smooth and supple appearance.

Matrixyl 10% + HA

Matrixyl is a trademarked peptide composition developed by Sederma in France. This highly-effective composition has been shown to reduce the look of static and dynamic wrinkles. This formula contains two generations of Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe’6, at a combined concentration of 10% by weight in a specialized Hyaluronic Acid delivery system. The peptide in Matrixyl 3000 is palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and the peptide in Matrixyl Synthe’6 is palmitoyl tripeptide-38.

PH 5.00-6.00 | alcohol-free | silicone-free | nut-free | vegan | cruelty-free

Application: Can be applied both in the morning and the evening, only a small amount of this product is needed.

Contraindication: No non contraindications with this product.

Pros + Cons: Out of the four of the products this would have been my least favourite solely due to it having the most undesirable tacky texture of all the products I picked up. that being said I think the product is of good quality and would be interested to see how the matrixyl worked with my skin over a longer period of time. I am probably most critical on this product as I have tried a lot of hyaluronic acid serums and have ones I would purchase over this one, as they apply much more smoother, however I am not opposed to this one and will continue to use the remainder of the product.

Overall Thoughts
For the general public I think there can be a little hesitation on how exactly to determine both the right product for your skin as well as the correct regime in which to use and apply your products and the information on the website isn’t exactly straight forth with some deciphering and cross checking required.

Basics of skincare to consider when using these products are to follow these simple rules

  • Pay attention to order of application
  • Some products are better suited to certain times of the day
  • Be wary of product contraindications

Work the product into the skin by spreading quickly and lightly over surface then using mid-pressure to press the product deeper into the skin. This application works two fold, firstly by delivering the product deeper into the skin for optimal results, and secondly to avoid any balling of the product as it absorbs into the skin can become tacky losing ease of spread ability.

Where to find
Essentially everywhere, which as an Australian beauty enthusiastic is so refreshing as we can be limited to availability or subject to unreasonable additional costs such as shipping and or mark-ups. I however choose to order directly from their site, rather than stopping in at my local Priceline, and let me just tell you I was super impressed with the speed at which I received my parcel. 24Hrs!

For more information you can visit there website via the link below!

Hopefully you found this review helpful, if you are interest in trying out the skincare line for yourself I highly recommend you doing so, and if you do, i’d love to hear what products you picked up and how you get on with them.

I also have a YouTube Video reviewing these products, so please do checkout my channel by following this link, I’d love the support.

Day in the Life of a Mum of Three Young Children

So what is it really like to be a mother to three young children? If I could sum it up in three words they would be; Love, exhaustion and chaos. Today I have taken what I would consider a brave step and uploaded a video on YouTube of a day in my life or DITL if you’re up with all the acronyms that exist on the internet these days.

Whilst I am proud of my efforts and novice editing, the reality is that it is impossible to get the full story on film. I chose to purposely edit out some of the more stressful and unglamorous sections from my plethora of video footage, and I would like to firstly explain why and also go into the reason I choose to do so.

So behind the scenes this is what really happened; my son crapped in my daughters room, or rather thought it would be a good idea to go to the toilet by himself and not tell me, which resulted in an unwiped bottom which he then unfortunately sat on the floor, poo smearing everywhere. You think that’s gross, what’s really gross is that I was the one who had to clean it up.

So why then did I choose to not show all the mess and realities of life with three small children, well actually I did. The reality is that this is the day I got up to, and the messiness can be seen in my appearance which deteriorated as the video went on and my constant mentions of exhaustion.

I edited my video to show that life with children should be spent focusing on the good times, the pure bliss and enjoyment that children exude towards life. I love my children and am proud of the little humans that they are with individual personalities, wants, needs and desires.

The best revelation I have stumbled across as a parent is that your children are not an extension of you they are their own being with their own life to live, mistakes and all, and are entitled to experience all life has to give, not what you allow them or deem suitable.

I both love and hate being a mother, that’s just how it is. However I am extremely proud of my little family, and am learning to love my life mess and all, I am just choosing to focus on the positive because that is what life is all about.

I would absolutely love it if you would go and support my new channel and click here to view and support my video.

Take care of you, and your family, love,

Supplements for Depression

Depression can be such a crippling disorder that can negatively impact your life in so many areas, from how you go about your day to day activities to, how you socialise and even down to what you eat, what you wear and how you act. One of the most surprising and rather upsetting discoveries I’ve come across since being diagnosed with both depression and anxiety and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, is that the treatment and recovery is not an exact science and for many the process of recovery involves a lot of trial and error in as far as finding effective treatment and or medications.

Through my personal recovery treatment I have trialled several different medications, physiologist and treatment facilities and professionals and unfortunately have not been very successful. I believe this to be partly because the treatment for depression is not very accurate, targeted or affective and partly because of my personal experience with doctors and my lack of trust in their ability to care for me. However I find myself in a position where I am still suffering from depression and have adopted a somewhat natural and alternative approach to try to help heal and cure myself for good. Among other treatment alternatives such as eating a well-balanced nutrient dense diet filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods, exercising, meditating, yoga, personal growth and development etc. I am choosing to take supplements that are promoted as being beneficial for those suffering with depression, which you can see I have listed down below with some specific benefits they have.

Please note that it is always advisable to seek professional help when considering medications and supplements and to consult your doctor especially in matters of mental health and well-being, making sure to do through research.

  • Melatonin
    Balances appetite hormones
    helps to prevent/lessen SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
    strengthens the immune
    helps to reduce migraines
    promotes healthier sleep
    helps to regulate circadian rhythms

  • Vitamin D
    has been shown to boost mood and overall sense of wellbeing
    aids in relieving depression
    helps to increase energy levels
    improves muscle health including the heart
    encourages healthy body weight
    increases secretion of insulin and decreases blood sugar levels

  • Omega-3 (EPA+DHA)
    helps to reduce inflammation
    assist in lifting depression
    aids in Gut health
    essential for the body including skin functioning
    promotes heart health
    increases optimal brain functioning

  • 5-HTP
    is a metabolic precursor to serotonin
    fights depression
    reduces stress
    promotes better sleep
    aids in weight loss

  • Magnesium
    helps increase energy levels
    aids in calming the nervous system
    aids sleep disorders
    promotes healthy digestion
    relieves muscle cramps and spasms
    regulates calcium and potassium levels
    promotes heart health
    aids in migraines

  • Vitamin B12
    improves memory
    helps in the reduction of depression
    improves sleep
    key to mental health
    essential vitamin for vegans

  • Probiotics
    boosts immune system
    helps to fight depression and anxiety
    improves acne
    improves digestion and overall gut health

These are the vitamins and supplements that I have researched and have personally chosen to include in my depression recovery treatment and may or may not be suited to you, please be sure to do your own in-depth research as what might benefit me may not be suitable for you.

Depression doesn’t have to be the end to your story just a small chapter. Here’s to you and your own personal recovery.


Depression and Motherhood | Starting YouTube


So after a really long time of both battling depression and whether or not to start a YouTube channel, something I have been wanting to do for quite some time now, I have finally uploaded a very honest and very unedited first video which I thought I would share here on my blog.

I’m hoping to continue this random streak of courage and upload more videos soon; based on a theme of motherhood, self-exploration and talking about depression and ways I am coping and hopefully curing my own.

It would be wonderful if you could show a little love and support and check out my video, (my channel is called; finding me-again) it would be greatly appreciated.


Hope you’re having a wonderful day.